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5 Reasons Motorcycling is a Great Hobby for Adults

Kevin Gardner Apr 17, 2020
Sometimes a grown-up has just got to get away and let loose, and a great escape found by many fortunate adults is motorcycling. Motorcycling is about experiences and freedom on the open road. There are many reasons to enjoy motorcycling that are also beneficial to your health and happiness. Some of these reasons may surprise you.

1. Traveling Near and Far

Traveling across the country by motorcycle is an experience best reserved for the hearty. It's wise to plan in advance to take weather into account. Gear is as important to your safety as it is to your comfort. Be sure to choose a good-fitting helmet that is highly rated. Motorcycle helmets come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit your needs.

2. Joining Clubs, Organizations and Community-Sponsored Events

There are motorcycle clubs and organizations available in nearly every community. The types of clubs you are looking for are civic-minded clubs. Joining one of these organizations is a great way to meet people who enjoy riding as much as you do. It's likely that your local chapter takes part in community events, including parades.

3. Benefits to Overall Wellness

You may not associate riding a motorcycle with working out, but keeping the balance and staying one with the bike does require some physical exertion that you won't experience driving a car. It's estimated that for every hour you are in control of your bike you burn 600 calories. The motorcycle works your knees and thighs.

4. Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Riding a motorcycle is more in tune with the environment. Because the engine of a motorcycle is significantly smaller than that of an automobile, they use a lot less gas. This means less pollution is being introduced into the atmosphere not only by the bike, but by the refineries that process fuels for motor consumption.

5. It's Just Plain Thrilling

The best reason to ride a bike is because it's a fun adventure. You really don't need any other reason so the rest of the reasons are just extra icing on the cake. Experiencing the wind and air, along with the freedom of speeding down the highway--these are the reasons many musical odes have been written about riding motorcycles.