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Apron Patterns for Women

With aprons available in various designs, it is tough to choose one that suits you. Read on to know more.
Geeta Dhavale
An apron is essential in the kitchen as it can be used as a protective garment that is worn to keep clothes from getting stained or dirty while cooking. Apart from this, it is also used to maintain hygienic conditions while cooking. Apron is very easy to use and is equally easy to clean. Let's get to know which type of aprons is tailor-made for you.

Different Pattern

Bib Aprons

Bib aprons are very effective and provide a person with better protection from stains during cooking. They cover the upper as well as lower part of the body. To hold the apron in place, it is provided with ribbon-like straps that are tied at the back in a crisscross pattern.

Waist Aprons

As the name suggests, waist aprons are worn around the waist and cover the body from waist below. They are one of the simple and feasible aprons to wear. Waist apron has nothing but two straps at the top that holds it in place.

Pinafore Aprons

It is one of the vintage patterns of the aprons. They are like a sleeveless dress that can be worn over a regular dress which you intend to keep clean. Pinafores can be tied or buttoned at the back and cover the front as well as back side of the body.

Cobbler Apron

These are full-size body aprons. They generally have a longer length and cover both the front and back of the body. They have straps at the sides that need to be tied at either or both sides of the body. They give the maximum protection from the stains.

Apron Designs

Traditionally people preferred dark colors for aprons but today you can get them in all the light and fresh colors, such as, pink, blue, yellow, and green etc. You can also select the fabric and material of the apron as per your needs and requirements.
For example, people working with chemicals can wear rubber aprons whereas X-ray technicians can go for lead aprons.
Today, you can also go for waterproof aprons used while performing household chores that involve using water, such as, laundering, washing dishes etc. To make your apron stand out, you can go for offbeat designs, such as, crochet aprons or with embroidery that give a unique aesthetic look.
You may also try some of the personalized designs that are created by modifying the standard look. For example, halter neck aprons and the ones with fancy waist bands are very popular today. They basically look like a small pretty dress that is embellished with little bows, laces, and sequins.