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Awesome Bottle Cap Jewelry Ideas

Buzzle Staff Mar 18, 2020
Go green by recycling your old bottle caps into trendy and unique jewelry. We provide you with some awesome bottle cap jewelry ideas.

Did You Know?

Plastic bottles are recycled, but their caps are not. More often than not, the caps are simply thrown in the garbage. So, bottle cap jewelry is an eco-friendly way of recycling them.
Who would have thought that bottle cap jewelry could become so popular! Well, it has, and so if you are looking for an offbeat idea to recycle your bottle caps, you have the answer. It is very easy to do, does not require too many tools, and looks great―actually very cool!. All you need is lots of creativity and a little bit of patience.
Bottle cap earrings or pendants are an excellent idea for personalized gifting as well. You can customize, add your initials, photos, or messages for a truly memorable gift. Of course, we are here with so many ideas, especially for you!

Things You Will Need

  • Bottle caps
  • Glue
  • Drill
  • Jump rings
  • Scissors
  • Necklace chains
  • Earring hooks
  • Ring findings
  • Colorful stickers
  • Photos or images
You can buy all the material needed or use old stuff. In fact, we would suggest using recycled hooks, chains, etc. You can cut out images from old magazines or newspapers. Keep collecting old beads or stones to embellish your work. You can also use glaze to give your jewelry a shiny effect.

Awesome Ideas Using Bottle Cap Jewelry


Making bottle cap pendants is very easy. All you need to do is drill a small hole through the rim of the bottle cap. Then, put a jump ring through the hole and tighten it. Attach the jump ring to a silver, golden, or any colorful chain you like. You can use different pendants with just a single chain as well. Here are some cool designs for you.
Here are funky and catchy designs that look good with anything. Flaunt them with style!
Just write the name of your best friend, or boyfriend, for a personalized touch. You can also stick a photograph of your loved one.
Friendship bands are so common, so on that note, you can give your friend a cool friendship pendant! Smiles are an all-time cool design idea too! They look cute and are very easy to paint as well.


Bottle cap earrings look very funky! Take hooks or rings from your old earrings, or you can buy some as well. Paint similar designs on two caps, and drill identical holes on each. Put jump rings through both and then attach the earring hooks to them. Decorate using beads or stones. You can use the following ideas for earrings.
Flaunt your love for ice cream with earrings! Go for animal pictures or the festival way. Surprise your boyfriend with pendants having your pictures.
Go for classic patterns for a simple yet classy look, or choose a funny design to showcase your wacky side!
Showcase the artist in you with some trendy abstract patterns or designs.


Bottle cap necklaces look very elegant. You will obviously require many bottle caps to make a necklace, depending on your desired length. Drill holes on every cap, and link them together using jump rings. Use a necklace chain at the end. Decorate the caps with colors, beads, photos, or stones.
A simple necklace, but it looks very beautiful. This bottle cap necklace will give a simple dress a very refined look.


Bottle cap rings are just perfect for gifting; they are inexpensive and very cute too! You can use recycled ring findings or buy new ones. Decorate the bottle cap, and stick it to the ring finding with glue. That's it, your ring is ready!
You can make different sun sign rings to gift to your friends, or personalized ones with cute photographs.


Bottle cap bracelets look very stylish. First, make identical holes on the caps, and connect them using jump rings. Add colorful beads in between to jazz it up! Another method (for metal caps) is to bend the cap into half and then connect them. This bracelet looks very chic.
Just attach colorful caps to your old plain bracelet and get a very cool design.
Don't have many caps? Well, you can add beads for a cute bracelet. You can also add beads between the caps for a different look.
Charm bracelets get a new twist with bottle caps!
Make a beautiful bracelet with your wedding pictures, and make her go awwww!

Random Designs

These are some other patterns that you can try on your bottle caps and use them for any jewelry piece.
Bottle cap jewelry is an inexpensive, but awesome style of jewelry. Moreover, you are doing your bit for the environment by recycling. You can try and explore these ideas or attempt your own. Flaunt your personal style and have fun making these ornaments.