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Cute Baby Blanket Patterns

Fatima Rangwala Mar 18, 2020
Baby blankets - lovely, soft, pastel-colored, baby blanket patterns, heavenly texture - it's a priceless and ecstatic experience in itself to make a soft blanket for your tiny-tot and express your affection. There are numerous patterns to make baby blankets with crochet, knit, and purl.
A baby blanket is a type of bedding designed to keep an infant warm, cozy, and comfortable. Buying a set from the market is a good option, but making a personalized set is far better. The least you can gain are the memories and pleasurable experiences you would have while knitting one.
With this, let's take a look at some of these simple yet wonderful ideas in the domain of knitting.

Knitting Patterns

Diagonal Rectangle Afghan

This is a design which is interesting and easy to knit. The blanket is knit in a diagonal form consisting of one or more colors. Also, it has a nice flair knitted edge with a slot created to pass a string or a colorful ribbon.

Garter Stitch Ruffles

The garter stitches are used by professionals, but the pattern created by these stitches is suited for beginners. The scope of using colors is available.

Teddy Bear Design

The background is knitted in squares, and using the same color of the yarn, cute teddy bears are knit in each square.

Hooded Baby Blanket

As interesting as this pattern sounds, it is quite challenging. As the name suggests, this design has a hood to cover the infant. To knit this pattern, make sure you use a soft yarn as the hood would rest on the baby's face.

Sunshine Pattern

Using bold and bright colors, would fulfill the whole idea. It is quite complicated to knit, and even though it sounds cute and easy, it isn't. And yes, the most important element is to use the yellow color, without which the word sunshine wouldn't make sense.
If knitting isn't your cup of tea, crocheting is the option. Here are some easy crochet ideas you can read and try. Learning how to crochet is one of the best things you could do for your tiny angel.

Crochet Blanket Designs for Babies

Mayflower Pattern

A mayflower is a shrub bearing fragrant pink and white flowers. The basic background can be created with a stunning color called Ocean Spray. Pink and white-colored flowers could be crocheted and attached externally.

Baby's Round Ripple Crochet

In the goody-goodies list of patterns, this is the kind which has similarities to a flower or star shape. It measures 40'' across forming a nice round shape.

Deco-Ribbon Crochet

How about the blanket not falling short in length while the infant keeps growing? This is one of those designs which measures 32'' x 35'' (large size) and doesn't fall short for a growing infant. Also, with such a huge area to cover, the scope of choosing a horde of colors is one of the best possibilities.

Cotton Chenille Crochet

This is very simple to create and free to find online. It has an extremely simple look, but yet it can be crocheted with a mix of colors to give a classic appearance. The total size measures 26'' x 26'', and it can be used as a baby shower gift even at the last minute.

Baby Angel Crochet

For your angel, here is a cute baby angel pattern you could easily and happily crochet. It's free, it's easy and yet so beautiful, that your child's charming features could get an enhanced look. It is made out of the softest yarn of wool, and it's mostly made in white color.
Definitely out of so many ideas,  you would be eager to try out at least a few. Wish you all the luck for knitting or crocheting a baby blanket, if you're doing it as a hobby or preparing for a soon-to-come newborn child!