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Beaded Lanyard Patterns

Buzzle Staff
Beauty lies on the neck of the person who wears a beaded lanyard. Here are a few beaded lanyard patterns that you can try making yourself.
A cord or a strap that is worn around the neck to hold a whistle, identification badge, or other small objects is referred to as a lanyard.
These accessories are of various types and colors, with different hardware attached to the bottom.Lanyards are made out of various materials, like nylon, polyester, cord, and cotton. Beaded lanyards are one way of making a style statement.
Some of the designs available in the market are
  • Crystals 
  • Polished stones
  • Faux pearls
  • Gemstones
  • Frosted and clear glass
  • Colored glass
  • Beads with alphabets on them
  • Beads that glow in the dark
  • Beads with a silver/gold tone
Beads today come in every shape imaginable. Square, octagonal, and oblong are some of the simplest and most common shapes, whereas the ones shaped like your favorite animals, angels, dolphins, celestial stars, or hobbies constitute the newer trend.



Simple and inexpensive, these patterns offer a variety of hardware attachments to secure small objects. These lanyards are available in different lengths and a wide range of colors too.


This is a unique form of lanyard that takes the form of jewelry too. Designed by skilled artisans, these can be extremely expensive, which depends on the type of material used. Colorful patterns of glass beads, seed beads, gemstones, and crystals make up this pattern.
Some of the popular patterns are the blue, black, or multi-colored beads accented with gold and silver. Also available are the exquisite lanyards made of swarovski crystals or semi-precious beads.


Colored plastics, sparkling crystals, and metallic beaded chains find a place for themselves under this category. While buying such a beaded lanyard, remember to check out to see if the artisan has designed jewelry that coordinates with it.


Lanyards are also used to hang glasses around the neck when they are not in use. These are better known as eyeglass necklaces or eyeglass holders. Always remember to check the durability of these before buying them.

Making Your Own Beaded Lanyard

Required Materials

  • Some popular lanyard material which is readily available at most craft shops (better known as gimp, boondoggle, or craftlace)
  • Beads


1.First, take two strands of craftlace and fold them together. Tie a knot towards the top to hold them securely.

2.Place a bead there, now spread the four strings apart separately and point them in each cardinal direction of a compass. Use a finger to hold the west string. At the same time, pull the west over the north one.
3.Continue the process by crossing the north string over the east string. At this juncture, the north string will be covering both the west string and the east string too. Once that is done, cross the east string over the south string. In the end, cross the south string over the west string.
4.Pull each end of the four strings extremely tight to make the first knot, and continue crossing the strings in the same manner until you reach the desired length. When you reach the end, remember to place a bead before you make the last knot. A rounded lanyard is produced because of these knots.
Note: Use different colored and patterned beads to enhance the beauty of the lanyard.