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Ideas for Beaded Watch Bands

Puja Lalwani Mar 17, 2020
Beaded watches are great fashion accessories, and very easy to make on your own. Learn here, how to make beaded watch bands, and sport this trendy handmade accessory yourself.
Watches with beaded straps are now in vogue, what with the variety and colors they have to offer. You could probably have one to match every outfit of yours if you learn how to make these beaded watch bands. And this process is very simple.
You don't need to be a jewelry designer or an expert at beading. Secondly, you have a wider choice to make exactly what you like, rather than having to choose from limited options at a store. It makes for a perfect gift. Once you gain expertise, you can make a small business out of this hobby and create your own wonderful, personalized accessories.

Instructions on Making Beaded Watch Bands

Let's take a look at some of the choices of beads you can use to enhance the appearance of the watch.
Plastic beads are the most inexpensive and sturdy choice. They are great for those who are always on the go. Also, they are very light which means you have an option of experimenting with the pattern too.
Glass beads are the perfect option for those of you who would like a slight added sparkle to your new accessory.
Gemstones are slightly more expensive, but can also make these beaded watch look quite rich and unique. You will have to be slightly careful while working with them.

Materials Required

  • Watch Face
  • Beads of various colors and sizes
  • Elastic Cord/Jewelry Wire for Beading
  • Scissors
  • Clear Glue


>>Decide the pattern of your watch. If you want you can have contrasting colors, or different shades of one particular color. Use beads of different sizes and types to create an interesting look.
>>Take the elastic cord and measure it around your wrist. Leave a margin of about half an inch so that it fits comfortably around your wrist. Also keep a margin of about 3 inches, to tie and cut the cord.
>>The watch face you use can be one of an old watch, the straps of which have been removed. Else, you may buy an inexpensive watch and remove its straps. Tie the cord around one hole on the edge of the watch face. Secure the knot well. If you wish, you may apply a small dab of clear glue to tighten it.
>>Start putting the beads on the cord, and continue till you achieve the desired length.
>>Once the desired length has been achieved, tie a knot at the other hole, on the opposite edge of the watch face. Again, you may choose to secure the knot further with a dab of clear glue.
>>Cut off the excess thread after you have finished making the watch.
Instead of just one row of beads, you can create about three to four rows for a thick, colorful and interesting beaded band. You can also attach a toggle clasp instead of tying the cord at the end for a more formal look.
For this you will have to tie two separate pieces of cord on either hole on the watch face, and then simply loop the cord to the toggle clasp, instead of the watch face.
Once you learn how to make beaded watch bands, patterns you can experiment with in this area of handcrafted jewelry are innumerable. Just let loose your creativity and come up with the best you can think of.