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Tips to Make Amazing Bracelets Out of String

Kritika Parwani Mar 18, 2020
If you love wearing bracelets and have a creative streak, then you can try making them out of strings. They are simple to make, and look great for any occasion. Read on for more information on making bracelets of strings.
Women enjoy wearing all kinds of jewelry, from earrings and rings to bracelets. Bracelets are evergreen jewelry pieces that can be worn by women and girls alike. But unlike before, today there are various kinds of bracelets available to suit every occasion.
One of the most common type of bracelets are made out of string. These can be found all around the world. Everyone, from school girls to young women, can wear these, as they are very versatile and look very chic.
There are varied designs for string bracelets. Most of the designs are intricate and delicate, and though may look difficult to make, are actually very easy.
Usually these bracelets can be found in a lot of departmental stores, like Walmart, but many people love to make them on their own, as bracelets made from strings add a personal touch to the whole affair.
Some bracelets that are made out of strings are also known as friendship bracelets. The trend of friendship bracelets made with strings started in the 1970s, and today has become a symbol of friendship.
The traditional weaving patterns of bracelets to make with strings are derived from ancient native American jewelry patterns. Making bracelets of string requires time and practice. You can also add fun accessories to them like beads, shells and buttons to give them a more unique look.

How to Make Bracelets of String

Basic Bracelet

Materials Required
  • Scissors
  • Two different colored threads
  • Crafting pillow
  • Safety pin
  • Push the safety pin through the knot and then pin it at the end of the bracelet. Once you are done, pin the bracelet to the top of the crafting pillow as this will prevent the threads from getting entangled, and will allow you to pull the knots firmly.
  • You can either choose two different colored strings, or you can choose two shades of the same color to give it a two tone effect.
  • Cut two strands of each of the strings. Hold the strands together and make sure the ends are even. Tie a half knot, also known as the overhand knot at one end. You can make a half knot by creating a circle, and then push the strands through the circle, and pull it tight.
  • Next, separate the four strands so that you have two strands in each hand. Tie simple knots in the form of braids. You can make a pattern as you continue by adding beads after every four knots. At the end, create another half knot to finish the bracelet.

Beaded Bracelet

Materials Required
  • Scissors
  • Strings
  • Colorful beads
  • Clasps
  • Now, take any half of all three strings, and wrap each of them around another of a different color. Use beads of different colors in the strings to give a more attractive look. This will result in a colorful loop of strands. Once done, poke the strands through the loop and knot it tightly into a single knot.
  • Follow the above procedure of cutting the required length of string and tie a half knot at one of the ends.
  • Take two different colored threads. Cut three strings of each color into, around, twenty-seven inch long threads.
  • Once you have tied the knot, divide the strands into two half's according to the color.
  • Now, repeat the entire process with the strands on the other side. For friendship bracelets, string the beads with specific lettered beads that spell out 'friendship' or 'friends forever'.
String and hemp bracelets are a popular jewelry making trend for teens and also for mothers who love to enjoy this inexpensive craft, to bond over with daughters.
All you need is a little practice and patience to get the hang of making bracelets of string.
The best part of making bracelets out of string, is that you can design them to look exactly the way you want them to look. With the variety of choice in string colors, beads, shells, stones etc. no two bracelets can look alike! No doubt you will enjoy making the bracelets as much you enjoy wearing them. So go right ahead and unleash your creativity!