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Cool Tie Dye Patterns

Aparna Jadhav
Creating mind-blowingly-cool tie dye patterns takes a little bit of creativity and some easy-to-follow steps that are given here and read all the instructions to create patterns for yourself.
The tie dye art is a commonly known process of dyeing clothing or textiles by certain techniques of tying knots and coloring them, to create a pattern or design.This art of designing clothes is usually limited to cotton mostly, due to its ability to resist these bright colors which are used in the process.
Tie dyeing is done by folding the cloth and binding it with a string.The desired colored dye is then applied to only the patterned area of the cloth, to prevent the entire material from being dyed. Then the other parts of the cloth are dyed with different colors and once complete, it is rinsed till the dye is set.Then you will get a different dye patterns.

Interesting Patterns

After reading about the basic tie dye techniques, all you have to do is, use different patterns of tying so that you get various designs. Such patterns are well-known not only in America, but all across the globe; i.e., Shibori from Japan, Plangi and Tritik in Indonesia, and Bandhani in India.
It is a beautiful way of mixing bright colors and patterns together. Shirts, T-shirts, blouses, skirts, summer dress, beach wear, sarongs, etc., are just few of the items which can be used.


To create a spiral pattern, gather a section of the fabric and rotate it for making pleats around the center. Tie it with a rubber band and dye it with some bright colors. You can create beautiful spiral designs with lovely colors.

The "V" Shape

This design stretches from the sleeves to the end of the shirt to make a colorful 'V' formation. You can use one or more colors to make this style of designing. When you use cotton clothes, it shows a particular pattern of crushed fabric even though it is pure cotton.


This design usually consists of two main types of knots, which are the knot to form the heart and a fish. Tying the center of a t-shirt in these knots and dyeing the rest in one color gives a visible effect of the heart and fish shape.


All you have to do is tie simple knots in various areas of the shirt and dip the entire shirt in the dye. After you have soaked it for some time, dry it out and then untie the knots. Then there are crushed colored formations all over the shirt. Since there is one color used, they look simple, but you can use other bright colors to change this appearance too.
With these variant patterns, you can transform your favorite t-shirts and other clothing items into a work of art.