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How to Crochet Fingerless Gloves

Fatima Rangwala
Crochet fingerless gloves are a smart and preferable way of keeping your wrists and hands warm and cozy, allowing you to carry out your daily work on a chilly day. Let's see how to create these fingerless gloves.
Gloves and mittens are the most essential accessories without which the cold days are hard to cut through. We very well know that they keep our hands and wrists warm, which in turn facilitates and supports our will power to uphold different tasks throughout a chilly day. But sometimes wearing full fingered gloves or mittens, may lower the speed of working.
Well, in such simple cases, a pair of fingerless gloves are an effective and handy option to wear and use.They certainly do not compromise on the warmth and style and in turn, look great for wearing outside and/or while you are lounging at home.

How to Crochet Fingerless Gloves

Required Materials

● Two pairs of size 15 US circular needles
● A pair of scissors
● Crochet hook
● 1 yarn ball (80 yards)
● Tapestry/Yarn needle

Gauge: 2½ stitches and 3 rows per inch knit stockinette stitch in the round.

Size: For these fingerless gloves the entire project is 9'' long and 8'' around.

Instructions for Gloves: Body

● Cast on 18 stitches using one set of circular needles using the method of long-tail cast-on.

● Gently slide the stitches to the other part of the needle and slip the initial nine stitches which were cast onto the second circular needle.
● If you wish to mark the end of the row, make sure you place a stitch marker just before the last stitch is attempted on the second circular needle.

● Be careful in your working to ensure that you do not twist the stitches while working. With this progress, join in the round.
● Now, knit every row (knit in stockinette stitch) for about 7'' or you may knit to your desired length too, the one before the thumb.

● For this sort of knitting, use the two circulars, i.e., knit the initial nine stitches with one set of circular needles and then knit the second stitch with the second set of circular needles.

Instructions for Gloves: Thumb

● With the ongoing progress, in the following row on the first set of needles, knit the initial 6 stitches.

● Now very swiftly slip in the final 3 stitches from the very same needle and the first 3 stitches from the second needle onto the stitch holder. This makes it 6 stitches. Knit the final 6 stitches pulling tight every time you switch the needles.
● Keep working to knit in the round on 12 stitches for about 2'' or if you wish, to your desired length.

● Bind off and cut the yarn thread.

● Now proceeding towards the final step, gently slide the 3 stitches off your stitch marker onto one set of the needle and rest 3 stitches onto the other one.
● In this last step, knit all of these 6 stitches in the round to about 1½'' or to any of your desired length.

● Bind off loosely and cut the yarn thread leaving out a long tail in the project.

Finishing the Glove

● Now about the long tail left out in the end and for some extra finishing edges, use a tapestry or perhaps a yarn needle to sew up all the in-between holes that may appear within the hand and thumb.

● Weave in the ends and make the second glove in a similar manner.
So, with these simple instructions you have just created the most basic and easy fingerless gloves to wear around your hands in the cold weather. Moreover, they are warm, stylish and an interesting project for you to undertake right before the winter is about to set in.
Use fancy, colorful yarns, may be some traditional ones and keep by your side, excellent pretty fingerless glove patterns to expand while crocheting. If you don't have any ideas, let me tip you with some right away.

Free Crochet Fingerless Glove Patterns

You can always alter these patterns in design and style that you deem fit, like laces, buttons, patch works and so on.

Alice-inspired Crocheted Fingerless Mitts

This one picked its fame from one of the biggest romantic 'n' thriller flick called Twilight, wherein the confined-future sighted dame, Alice Cullen wore such fingerless gloves as her fashion statement. And hence the name! So, if you wish to see the pattern of these gloves anytime, tune in to watch that movie (And sit with a crochet hook and a yarn too!).

Taming the Butterfly Crochet Fingerless Glove Pattern

The result of these fingerless gloves is more or like its pattern name. There is no doubt about its appearance, because they certainly look pretty, tender and stylish to wear in cold weather. However, you can keep them as a sole option for style and not a priority for posing as the warmest gloves.

Lacy Crocheted Wrist Warmers

This lacy wrist warmer is doubtlessly stylish, functional and effective winter clothing to wear around your hands and wrists and keep you warm enough.
They are the most simplest projects to undertake because they are so quick and easy to stitch such that, they can be gifted to someone at the last minute too.

Afternoon Tea Crocheted Fingerless Gloves

How about holding a hot cup of tea with pretty crochet fingerless gloves around your hands, on a cold winter afternoon? Does it sound exciting? Well, if it does, you can crochet such an elegant pair of gloves anytime of the year, which could be worn for lounging at home, or also by a bride on her big day!