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Your Guide to Making Foaming Hand Soap

Veena Aruldass Jul 22, 2020
Are you fascinated with foaming hand soaps? Well, making them at home is not a difficult task. Read on to know more about them, how they differ from liquid hand soaps, and how to make them on your own.
We have been taught about cleanliness and hygiene, since the time we were kids. One of the first lessons in maintaining hygiene is to wash your hands regularly, and keep them clean at all times.
Like everything around us, even soaps have undergone various changes over the years. Now, we have the foaming hand soaps that are not only environment-friendly but also make your hands supple and soft.
Earlier, there were only bar soaps, and in the 1970s, liquid ones became famous for washing hands. Foaming soaps gained momentum only in the 21st century. This soap is nothing but the foam of the liquid soap. It is whipped with air, and this process makes it bubbly and light. Since it is very light, it needs a special dispenser.
Liquid soap is more concentrated in nature than this type, but both are very effective as cleansers. Both of them are normally used for hand washing. Apart from being light on the hands, this foaming variety is also environment-friendly as its consistency is thinner.


It is extremely easy to make this type of soap on your own. It will hardly take you five minutes to do so. You can experiment with other recipes, as well.
  • Take one tablespoon of liquid hand soap, and put it in a suitable dispenser.
  • Then fill the dispenser with water. Make sure that you leave some space at its top.
  • Now, put back the lid of the dispenser properly and shake well.
  • It is recommended that you use warm water in the dispenser as it works better.
  • Antibacterial liquid can be added to increase its effectiveness. A perfume or moisturizer can be added, as well.
  • You should pump the dispenser a few times before use, so as to get the foaming process in action.


You can add Aloe vera extracts and vitamin E oil to keep your hands smooth and beautiful. The volume of lather will be more than sufficient for a perfect hand wash. This soap is preferred by many people because of its smooth and creamy texture. It is also not very harsh on the skin, as it is not concentrated like the liquid ones.
It is a convenient and delightful experience. The foam also leaves no residue behind, and you will get a light lilting fragrance. It also lasts longer than the liquid soaps. The dispenser also doesn't drip after use, as the foam has been formed inside. It also uses less water, in comparison to other types.
Purchasing these soaps can be expensive at times. Instead, if you have an empty dispenser, you can make one on your own and refill it when necessary. This is not only easy to make but also easy on your pocket. You can make it using the aforementioned method, and also try experimenting with different ingredients, as well.