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Friendship Bracelet Designs

Making friendship bracelets is easy; the tough part is to narrow down the designs. Read this post for not 1, but 3 different designs to make bracelets with.
Sheetal Mandora
First things first, what type of bracelet do you wish to make? There are different materials you can use―cotton twine, linen, hemp, jute, leather, or yarn. Once you know which material to work with, you can easily make different designs.

Diagonal Stripe Bracelet

▪ Before we begin the diagonal stripe bracelet design, collect 4 embroidery floss (red, blue, yellow, white), safety pin, cardboard, and scissors.
▪ Hold all 4 strings together, and tie a knot on the top. Secure it properly.
▪ Place the strings in this pattern―red, blue, yellow, white.
▪ You can use the safety pin and cardboard (or a pillow) to secure the strings while working.
▪ With your fingers, separate the strings so that you can have space to work.
▪ Take the red string, and make a loop going over and then underneath the blue string.
▪ This will make a knot. Keep holding the blue string with your right hand, and pull this knot properly.
▪ Again repeat the knot making a double knot.
▪ In the same way, use the red string to make double knot with the yellow and white strings as well.
▪ Keep making the knots till you reach the end of the bracelet. That will depend on how long the strings are, and how much you will require to wrap around your wrist.
▪ When you reach at the end of the strings, make another knot and secure it tightly.
▪ Use scissors to cut the rest of the strings, and place the bracelet around your wrist.

Beaded Hemp Bracelet

▪ Before we go to the bracelet instructions, collect 3 hemp twines (beige, blue, orange), beads with holes, scissors, white glue, and measuring tape.
▪ We won't cut the hemp twines just yet as after braiding, then only we'll know how long the bracelet will be.
▪ Place all 3 twines in your left or right hand in this pattern―blue, beige, orange.
▪ Make a small loop with all 3 twines to make a knot. Secure it tightly.
▪ Now insert all 3 twines inside 1 or 2 beads, and make another small knot. Secure it as well.
▪ The next step is to braid the twines. Just like we braid hair, we need to braid the twines with each other.
▪ Once you make 2―3 braids, insert 1 or 2 beads, and secure them with a knot.
▪ Keep going with the braids and the beads till you reach the end of the bracelet.
▪ You can make a long bracelet, and wrap it around your wrist twice.
▪ At the end of the bracelet, secure the twines with a knot, and cut the twines with scissors.
▪ Use white glue near all the knots so that the beads and the knots don't open or get loose over time.

Arrow Bracelet

▪ Before we being our final bracelet instructions, collect 5 embroidery floss (blue, rust, yellow, green, brown), safety pin, pillow or cardboard, measuring tape, and scissors.
▪ Measure one string over your wrist, and cut double the size you measured. Do so with all 5 strings.
▪ Fold them all in half to make a loop. Tie a knot just below the loop, and secure it tightly.
▪ Use a safety pin to secure the strings to a pillow or cardboard.
▪ Arrange the strings in this pattern―blue, rust, yellow, green, brown, brown, green, yellow, rust, blue.
▪ We will make 4 backward knots with the right blue string. To make this knot, you will go over the rust string, underneath it, over it, and make the knot.
▪ After making 4 such knots, take the left blue string, and make 5 forward knots.
▪ To make this knot, you go over the rust knot, underneath it, towards the right, up, and secure the knot.
▪ Now the pattern will be rust, yellow, green, brown, blue, blue, brown, green, yellow, rust.
▪ Keep making 4 backward knots from the right most string, and then 5 forward knots from the left most string.
▪ This way, you need to come to the end of your bracelet.
▪ When you reach till the end, divide the strings into 2 parts. Braid 5 strings with one another so we can use them to tie with the loop we made at the top of the bracelet.