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Friendship Bracelet Patterns

Madhura Pandit Mar 22, 2020
Friendship bracelets have been symbols of a strong and lasting friendship, since ages. There are many traditional bracelet designs that are still very popular.

Did You Know?

Traditionally, a friendship bracelet has to be handmade; and the wearer has to wear it till it wears out and falls off naturally.
Friendship is a very special relationship in everyone's life. People treasure their friends and also go out of their way, for the sake of friendship. Each one of us tries to make his friend feel special. Exchanging friendship bracelets is one of them.

What are Friendship Bracelets?

A friendship bracelet is a special band or a bracelet used as a mark of friendship. Exchanging these bracelets, although an old tradition, is very popular even today. They are worn by males as well as females of all ages. Although, they are more popular among adolescent and teenage females.
Making bracelets at home can be a fun-filled activity as well as an exciting hobby. There are numerous friendship bracelet patterns to choose from. You can make bracelets inspired from the pictures above. Or go through the instructions given below to make them at home.

Three Colored Friendship Band Pattern

Things required

- Embroidery floss (2-3 colors)
- Safety pin/Masking tape/Clipboard
- Scissors
  • Take 3 colored floss and cut 3 strands of each color of about 3 feet. Hold them in one length in your hand and tie their heads. Now attach this with a masking tape to a clipboard or to a safety pin.
  • We will name the three strands (of 3 colors each) as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. Strands of each color should be placed adjacent to each other (for e.g., first 3 red, then 3 yellow and so on).
  • Now take the left most strand (1) and bring it on front of strand 2. Take it at the back of strand 2 and bring on over strand 1. Now tie a knot by keeping strand 2 taut and pulling strand 1 a bit up.
  • Use the strand on knot 2 and make a knot over strand 3. Repeat this process and make knots over all other strands until you complete the row. You will notice that the leftmost strand has now become the rightmost strand.
  • Repeat the above process starting again with the leftmost strand. You have to complete as many rows required to make a friendship bracelet of desired length. When it is over, tie or braid the ends or attach beads. You can even make a loop at one end as that will make tying the bracelet easier.

Six-Stranded Friendship Bracelet Pattern

The stuff required for making this bracelet pattern is the same. You can just use embroidery floss of different color in order to make two different friendship bracelets.
  • Cut 2 strands of 3 different colors each, of a desired length. Hold them in one length in your hand and tie their heads. Now attach this with a masking tape to a clipboard, or you can even attach them to a safety pin.
  • We will number the strands as 1, 2, and 3. Arrange them as 1, 2, 3 and then 3, 2, 1 (you can even use strands of five colors). Now starting from the right, make four backward knots. Then, starting from the left, make five forward knots. After completing five knots, you will get the center.
  • Now, continue the above step till you achieve the desired length of your bracelet. Finally, you can either braid the ends or can even attach beads to it.
Once you master these simple designs, you can try other advanced bracelet patterns. You can have a friendship bracelet party at home, invite your friends and make bracelets together, and exchange them. It will surely be great fun. Ciao!