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Goat Milk Soap Benefits

Goat milk soap, an expensive soap made from natural ingredients, makes the skin healthy, youthful, and radiant. It is a blessing for people with sensitive skin.
Hemangi Harankhedkar
Market is flooded with so many good soaps for different skin types. So, while buying one, you should keep in mind the fact that most of these are made of chemicals and other harmful ingredients.
Goat milk soaps are preferred by many as they are naturally made, and are mild. Their benefits are immense and incomparable. When buying any soap, one should always consider the ingredients, especially the pH content; goat milk types fall on the safer side. As far as its ingredients are concerned, there are no artificial additives and detergents.


✜ This soap is gentle on skin, and is very helpful for patients affected with skin ailments like eczema and psoriasis.

✜ It helps in skin rejuvenation, and also in prevention of skin acne. It helps in treating blemish marks.

✜ It helps in retaining moisture; other soaps are normally very harsh on the skin, and it becomes necessary to use moisturizing lotions.
✜ It acts as a natural exfoliator; the alpha hydroxy acid, present in the lactic acid of goat's milk, helps remove dead and old cells and thus leaves the skin rejuvenated due to the regeneration of new cells.

✜ It nourishes the skin as it is rich in vitamins and enzymes. Its glycerin content is a natural skin nourishment provider and helps in skin softening.
✜ This soap is free from artificial additives, detergents, and petroleum products. Thus, there are no chances of any side effects.

✜ Its pH is same as that of the skin. This is a very important benefit, and prevents dryness of the skin.


Soap making at home is a fun activity if carefully done, but preferably, it should be left to the professional soap makers only, as a single mistake can ruin all the effort. The chemicals and ingredients are needed to be perfectly balanced, especially the lye content. Take a look at the recipe mentioned here:
  • Pure Goat Milk, 4 cups
  • Honey, ½ cup
  • Water, 1 cup (hot)
  • Lard, 13 cups (melted)
  • Lye, 1 can


» As lye can be slightly harmful on the skin, cover yourself properly and make use of gloves during the process.

»  Use a stainless steel container, and add honey, goat milk, and hot water into it.

» Now, add lard into the mixture and stir slowly. Allow the temperature to reach 85° F. Heat the lard till the same temperature, and put it into the lye mixture.
» Stir the mixture with a wooden spatula and make it consistent. 

» Turn off the heat, and pour this mixture into soap molds. It will take around 3 - 4 days for them to harden up.
To make any soap, lye is essential, which cannot be ignored. Apart from its other benefits, lye is essential for soap hardening. However, too much of its content can cause skin burning, so be careful with the lye amount being used in soap. As such, you cannot make one without this ingredient. The lye content can be reduced, but cannot be neglected totally.
This is all about benefits. Though suited to all skin types, this soap is especially beneficial for dry and sensitive skin types. Thus, try it to experience its immense benefits.