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Handmade Beaded Jewelry - Beaded Jewelry, Earrings and Necklaces

Poushali Ganguly
Jewelry making is an art that indeed requires expertise; however, it is still possible to make one on your own. Provided here are some easy methods for this purpose.
Remember the lines of Heart of Darkness, where the so-called African mistress of Kurtz stands in front of the steamer of Marlow, when he tries to take Kurtz away from the land of such people who are full of wild vitality that it even scares civilization. She wears her beaded necklaces as her upper garment.
Beads do bring up the oriental and primitive world, but now, they have become very much a part of the occidental, rather the global world. A jewelry is something that you can yourself make, using your innovation. Handmade jewelry always has its characteristic uniqueness that is particular of any handmade thing; no two pieces are the same as a matter of fact.
They are perfectly natural, and they come in a great variety of colors and designs. In fact, they have a charming freshness about them. Handmade beaded jewelry has now become a full-fledged industry, wherein the brands have plunged to carve a niche. So, it's time to get your beads out and start making one on your own.
They are made up of gemstones, sterling silver, christian, wire, semi-precious stones, stiletto, swarovski crystal, birthstones, and pearls.
There are lovely chandelier-earrings available, made up of Czech stones and cut into amazing shapes, which make you look pure and feminine. If you want to make one yourself, you would require the following:
  • 2 headpins or eye pins
  • 2 ear wires
  • Beads that you like
  • Round nose pliers
The beads are put in the headpin and if required, are placed with spacer beads in between, which are metallic. Once you are done with it, with the help of a pair of round-nose pliers, bend the pin to a loop. So, this is the way the earrings are made. They are cheap and also, can be made with all kinds of colored beads.
To make this story of jewelry, a wire of medium length is required, and a loop is to be made with a pair of round-nosed pliers. Some beads are to be put, leaving enough wire for the finishing loop. If required, spacer pieces can be used in between them.
Chains and clasps can be added to the necklace. You can use different colors and sizes to make this ornament, which would be simple yet stylish. It is always better to buy more beads when making it, since these ornaments require more number of pieces. You can also mix and match the ones of different sizes and colors.
To make a bracelet, the requirement of wire would be less, and it needs to be cut with the diameter of your wrist in mind. In this case, you can use bigger beads and the brightest colors, so that it gives a fuller look.
Use multiple colors for one bracelet, so that it can complement at least two or three outfits. Instead of a wire, you can use a colorful thread and transparent beads, so that the colorful thread is seen through, which gives quite a dramatic effect. Trinkets can also be attached to the bracelets; the little hanging ones are the latest trend among teenagers.
Loops can also be added to it. If this bracelet matches your necklace, nothing like it. You can also make a necklace and loop it, so that it gives a braided look.
Thus, beads are the in-thing now, both stylish and cheap. You can have loads of them; in fact, have two or three for every outfit. You can buy color-lined, iris finish, matte, metallic, and silver-lined pieces, so that you can make your jewelry yourself, and it does not take much time, and so, that would be quite a convenient option.
The mentioned methods are for making any such ornament properly; in case you do not want to buy the accessories to make these things, there is nothing to feel disappointed about. You can still make one; you can knot the beads and hence, make an eye-catching piece of jewelry only with these pieces and the thread that you would get in your house.