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Handmade Soap Packaging

Mamta Mule Mar 11, 2020
If you prepare herbal or any type of soaps and wish to gift these handmade pieces to someone, wrapping it beautifully is very important. A perfect packing will add to the grandness of the classy handmade soaps.
Making bath soaps at home is a fantastic craft. While you can use these at home, you can also sell or supply them to various stores and earn handsomely. Well, apart from this, handmade soaps make classic gift items for various occasions. When you prepare pieces for gifting purpose, you can make them even more fancy and colorful.
Decking up such pieces with creative packaging needs no mention. Proper handmade soap packaging is essential for commercially selling the pieces, as this adds value to the piece and helps you mention details like brand name and ingredients over it.

Beautiful Soap Packaging Ideas

Burlap Fabric

You can use simple single colored burlap fabric for nicely gracing the handmade soaps. Remember these are inexpensive, yet classy pieces to wrap handmade soaps.
Add a thin brown rope to secure the fabric. Believe me, the piece is sure to look amazing. You can also use other fabrics of your choice to wrap such soaps. Avoid jazzy and shimmery fabrics as these might not go well with the handmade soaps.

Cellophane or Polypropylene

These are one of the best packaging products that you can use for your handmade soaps. These are most commonly used for decorative soaps as you can see the embellishments used in the soap, its color and texture, through the packaging.
This clear packaging will also allow you to see the shape of soap. Just add a colored satin ribbon or metallic ribbon over this packaging and give it a perfect finishing touch.

Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard is another thing to opt for, while packing a handmade soap. This type of packaging is safe and sturdy. Its texture adds a very unique look to the entire piece. You can wrap it properly on the soap and secure with transparent adhesive tapes. Also, add a bow of thin brown rope to decorate it.

Handmade Paper

Handmade paper looks classy and decent. Various textures and colors available in handmade papers can perfectly grace such soaps. You can choose a paper that will rightly complement the soap to be gifted and secure it with transparent adhesive tapes. A paper packaging also allows you to use your stamp, if you are selling the soaps.

Gift Papers

Gift papers are another good picks for handmade soap packaging. These are available in a range of designs, colors and best to be used if you are gifting the soap to someone.
You can jazz up the packing with glittery ribbons. While using gift paper to wrap a soap that is a part of a gift basket, make sure you follow the color theme, if any. These decorative packed soaps will definitely spice up the entire gift basket.

Boxes or Wicker Baskets

You can buy ready-made boxes or wicker baskets of various types. If you are gifting herbal or natural soaps you can add a herb in the box or basket along with the soap. Like using dried lavender in a box that contains lavender soap is a great idea.
This forms a rich package of handmade soap. You can also emboss your brand logo and soap name over it if it is going to be sold. Using a simple aluminum foil to wrap the box is also a great idea. Finish the packaging by tying a fancy ribbon.
Whichever soap packaging idea you choose, make sure that you wrap it up properly. Secure it properly using glue or transparent adhesive tape. Exploring your creativity while packaging these soaps will help you have a piece that looks extremely attractive.