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Amazing Hemp Bracelet Patterns

Aparna Jadhav Mar 22, 2020
They are trendy, and uber cool, and just about meet the needs of the youth of this generation. Besides, they are also colorful and relatively easy to make at home. Create your own style statement by making some hipster, chic hemp bracelets of slightly different patterns than the usual.
You would think hemp bracelet is all about knots, but you are wrong. Hemp bracelets can be made using a variety of techniques including knitting and the regular knots. Then you can string in beads to make them more attractive or you can use your favorite buttons, to make your own charm bracelet.
They are fancy, they are colorful and they make stunning jewelry. It is no wonder why we love our beads. You can either choose to weave the beads into the bracelet or you can even design them onto the bracelet by sewing them on.
Call this old school, or the chic way of doing things. Making a knit or crocheting bracelet is a pretty sensible thing to do. You can make crochet flowers and attach it to the bracelet to make it look even more suave.
You will find most of the hemp bracelets in these patterns. Called the nesting pattern, this technique employs repeatedly tying knots in an alternating pattern. For a thin bracelet cut the hemp into two strands and create a spiral pattern.
Last but not the least, you can even try out simple braids to make your bracelets. Simple cornrows will do the trick here. You can use hemp thread or yarn to make these bracelets. When using hemp thread be sure to use a bunch of threads and make it as colorful as possible.
Go ahead and make some more crazy hemp bracelet patterns that you can think of. You can even gift these to your friends as occasional presents and have fun showing off with them!