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Hemp Bracelet Patterns for Guys

Tulika Nair
Sure, jewelry is considered to be a woman's domain, but with surging popularity of hemp bracelets for guys, there are many men who are opting for accessories for themselves.
The many patterns and designs hemp bracelets are available in is one of the main reasons for the hot trend that they have become. Another reason why most people are spotted wearing them is that these bracelets are easy to make at home, and are a sign of friendship when given as a gift, as they signify thoughtfulness on the other person's part.
This art of weaving hemp bracelets can be traced back to the Native Americans who believed that the knots in it were significant of the strength and timelessness of the bond of friendship due to ageless nature of the circle. If you make these using the favorite colors of the person you are gifting the friendship bracelet, it adds a sentimental value to it.

Cool Hemp Bracelets for Guys

The different designs followed to make men's hemp bracelets mainly depend on the different types of knots used, which form the foundation of all good hemp bracelet patterns. If you do not understand the many knots that are used in these bracelets for guys, it will be difficult to properly make a one.
But once you have learned these different knots and practiced them well, you can make as many different and unique bracelets as you want. Along with the different knots that you need to master, the one thing you need to keep in mind is to not get confused between the lead strings and the inner strings.
The lead strings are the strings on the outside and the inner strings, as the mane suggests, are the ones on the inside. These strings are braided with each other, and then knotted using the various knots to create different bracelets. Learning how to make hemp bracelets is very easy once you have learned and practiced these different knots.
Here, we explain to you five different knots that are used in bracelet making. You can also use different colored hemp cords to learn how to make a hemp bracelet with two colors.

Half Knot:

  • Take the hemp cord arranged with the lead string and inner string. Take the lead string on the left, and cross it over behind the inner string.
  • Now, take the lead string on the right and cross it over the lead string on the left, and then under the inner string and slip it through the loop created in the last step.
  • Pull at the hemp cords, and make a knot tightly to create half knot.

Overhand Knot:

  • With a piece of hemp cord, create a loop with one end circling over the other end.
  • Next, take one end of the hemp string and slip it through the loop from under the loop, and then slip it through the loop again from above. This will create a pretzel-like shape.
  • The overhand knot is created once you pull at the knot tightly.

Larkshead Knot:

  • Fold the hemp cord into half, and now take this fold and use a dowel to pull it down. This is done so that the loop is visible to you below the doweling.
  • Now take both the ends of the hemp cord, and pass it through the loop that has been made.
  • Pull it tightly to create the Larkshead knot.

Square Knot:

  • You need 2 hemp strings of equal length. Hold them at the center. Take 2 more cords of equal length, and hold them at the end.
  • Take the cord on the right side and cross it under the cords which you are holding at the center, and then pull it above the left cord.
  • Repeat this with the cord on the left side.
  • The knot thus created is known as the square knot.

Switch Knot:

  • The last knot that we will learn is the switch knot. For this, you need to properly master the concepts of lead strings and inner strings.
  • You need to ensure that inner strings are separated and not tangled so that the lead strings can slip in well.
  • Take a lead string and cross it over the inner string. Do this with both lead strings. This will cause the lead strings and the inner strings to exchange roles.
  • Secure this with a square knot, which has been explained here, and repeat the process. This is known as the switch knot.
Using these different knots can result in many unique and cool hemp bracelet patterns for men. You can also use beads in your hemp bracelet patterns. There is no limit to the creativity that you can display to create different hemp bracelet patterns for guys.
There are many bracelet making ideas that you can use to make bracelets for men, but somehow, hemp has a charm and raw appeal that other materials cannot match up to.