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Hemp Braiding Patterns

Rimlee Bhuyan Jul 17, 2020
There are many interesting hemp braiding patterns that you can use for make jewelry like bracelets and necklaces. Here, we are going to check out some patterns for braiding hemp.
The natural fiber that is formed from the Cannabis sativa plant is known as hemp. It has several industrial applications, and it is also used for the manufacturing of ropes, paper, canvas, and clothing.
Hemp can be used for making organic and fashion jewelry like bracelets and necklaces. As hemp is a very flexible and fibrous material, it is easy to make different braids and knots with it.

Pattern #1

To make this pattern, you need to take four hemp twines. Place them in front of you on a table, and use a strip of cello tape to secure the top part of the twines. Now take the extreme right hand side cord and place it over the two center twines. Take the twine on the extreme left and place it on top of the two center twines.
Proceed in this way, braiding the bracelet until you come to the ends of the four twines. Once you have done this, you can make a knot on the hemp. This will make the braid more secure. Remove the cello tape from the braid. While braiding, remember to periodically check the thickness. Tighten the twines while braiding, so that you have an even look.

Pattern #2

This design might seem a little difficult, but once you get the hang of it, it is one of the best patterns for braiding hemp. The finished pattern has a very polished look, and is great for creating necklaces.
To make this pattern, you need a long hemp twine. Make a loop on the twine and let a small section of it in through this loop. This will make a new loop. Now take another section of the twine and create a new loop through the preceding loop.
Work in this way, and you will notice that a thick section of knots are forming, adjacent to each other. Proceed in this way, until the whole of the twine is knotted and braided. To make hemp bracelets with beads, just add some colorful beads made of glass or plastic in between the braid.

Pattern #3

This one is for making hemp jewelry. Take four hemp twines in four different colors, like blue, green, purple, and gold. Place the blue and purple twines at the two extreme corners, with the gold and green twines in between. Place the purple twine which is on the right over the two middle twines and under the blue twine on the left.
Place the blue one under the two central twines, and then bring it over the loop formed by the purple one. Bring the blue twine behind the two central twines and over the purple one.
Place the purple twine into the right hand loop by going over the central twines and under the blue one. Proceed in this way, until the braiding is complete. Secure the braid with a final knot.
Hemp bracelets and necklaces are very popular, and now you can create them easily at home. These beautiful jewelry items can then be gifted to friends and family.