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How to Build a Wooden Car

Mayuri Kulkarni
Planning to surprise your kids with a miniature wooden toy car? Well, you'll be glad to know that making it from scratch is not that difficult after all! So, how to build a wooden car? Read on to find out.
Miniature cars are a great gift option for kids. You can get them from a toy shop, but making your own little toy car can be real fun. One of the best ideas is to create a replica of your own car. Wooden cars can be made in any shape.
So, if you love the idea of building this little piece of marvel from wood, just follow the steps.
The equipment you will require for building a wooden car are:
  • Plywood
  • Saw
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Steel rods
  • Sandpaper
  • Wheels (four)
  • Clamps (four)

Step #1: Designing the Car

Before you start constructing, it is necessary to sketch a design of the car you wish to replicate. Sketch the shape of the car on a page. Ensure that the shape of the car is simple enough. Remember that you are building a wooden car, so do not attempt a very complicated car design.

Step #2: Preparing the Parts

Once you design the car, it will be simpler for you to build it. Take a plywood, large enough, to prepare your car. Draw the different parts of your car on the plywood. With the help of a saw, cut these parts out from the plywood. Remember to wear goggles and gloves while cutting the parts.
For preparing the wheels, draw four circles of equal radius on the plywood, and cut them properly. Smoothen the surface of the wheels with the help of a large grit sandpaper. Mark the center of each circle.

Step #3: Preparing the Chassis

Use a rectangular plywood of the required size as the chassis for your wooden car. Measure the diameter of the steel rods, and drill holes of the same diameter at the center of the wheels.
The holes should be drilled in such a manner that the steel rod can easily slide through them. Install the four clamps at the bottom of the chassis with the help of nails and hammer. The diameter of the clamps should be big enough to let the steel rods pass through.

Step #4: Installing the Wheels

Now, the chassis is almost ready, and you can start installing the wheels. Slide the rods through the clamps, and attach the wheels at the end of the rods. Ensure that the clamps are installed properly. The main skeleton of the wooden car is now ready.

Step #5: Preparing the Body

Now, install the upper body parts of your car, which you had cut from the plywood in the beginning. Use a sandpaper to smoothen the rough edges if any. After sanding, the car is now ready for the paint job.

Step #6: Coloring the Body

Before you start painting, apply a coat of primer on the car. Leave the primer to dry, and then paint it with your favorite color scheme. Use innovative ideas to paint the car. If you are building the wood car for kids, ensure that the paints are non-toxic. Your car is now ready!
There are other methods to build a toy car from scratch for your kids. Wooden toys are extremely safe to play with. So, go ahead and make one using the guidelines.