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How to Exchange Foreign Coins

Pragya T
Have you collected lots of foreign coins and don't know what to do with them? Are you considering getting them exchanged for money or giving them away for charity? Don't know how to exchange foreign coins? Well, read below for the answers to your queries...
Many times, people who frequently travel around the world or go on business trips frequently tend to collect foreign coins. These coins must be of some value in the country where they belong to. However, unnecessary coins collected in your drawer cannot be of much value, unless you get them exchanged.
There are many ways to exchange your foreign coins. It is even possible to get foreign coins exchanged for cash. Continue reading to know how to exchange the foreign coins that are lying accumulated with you.

Ways to Exchange Foreign Coins

Before your hopes rise too high, it is important for you to understand that coins which have a higher value or coins in a bulk amount can only be exchanged. A coin which has its value less than a dollar can probably not be exchanged. But, if you have these foreign coins in bulk, then it is possible that you can get some cash for them in return.
It will be good if you learn about the foreign coin values, so that you can calculate a rough amount of the cash you will get for them. Sometimes, you will get cash around half the value of the coin and sometimes the full value. It all depends upon the place that you are getting the foreign coins exchanged at and the value of your coins.
There are many places where you can get your foreign coins exchanged. Before you go to a place to get your coins exchanged, sort out the foreign coins properly. Sort them first in groups according to the country they belong too, and then according to their denomination.
The best place to get your coins exchanged for cash is the currency exchange counter found at any major international airports. These counters allow you to turn all the foreign currency you have, which includes notes and coins into your country's currency.
If you want, you can also approach a local travel agency in your town. These agencies buy and sell foreign currency as a courtesy to their traveling clients. However, it is possible that you will not get full value for the coins at the agency.
You can also deposit your foreign coins in your local bank account, if you have been living in a foreign country for long. Once you are done with depositing the coins in the account, you can access it using your ATM card anywhere in the world. However, the exchange rate will be applicable at the time you withdraw cash.
Another way to exchange your foreign coins is to sell them to collectors, provided you have some rare foreign coins, which the coin collectors would be interested in. Many people are interested in collecting old coins or some rare coins.
If you have some unusual coins, then check out their prices at various coin collectors sites. See which site is offering more value for the unusual coins, and then sell them at the particular site.
Given above were the ways you can exchange your foreign coins for cash. However, you can also give your foreign coins to charitable organizations. Did you know that UNICEF has more than 90 million dollars from the foreign coin donations? Yep!
Your foreign coins lying in your drawer could ideally serve for a good cause. Check out the UNICEF's Change for Good program online. You can send your foreign coins as a fund to support the organization. By giving away your foreign coins for charity, you might even save on your tax.
These were the various ways to exchange foreign coins. You can get cash for your foreign coins or do some charity work, it all depends upon you. So, find a place near your home where you can get foreign coins exchanged for cash or find an organization that you can donate it to. Good luck!