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How to Make a Duvet Cover

Dhanashree Patane Mar 18, 2020
A blessed and warm sleep in your favorite and comfy duvet, definitely gives meaning to a good night's sleep.
Sinking in the bed at night is the most precious feeling one has. Soft, fluffy duvets (comforters) that cuddle your way as you sink, make sure that you get all the warmth and peace when you sleep. Duvets are known for their extreme comfort and warmth. Made with feathers, wool and other natural stuffing, duvets are the first love of comfort sleep for many.
Cleaning these becomes a task, as you do not want to spoil the stuffing in the duvet. At such times, if your duvet has a cover, one can easily maintain the duvet better for a longer time, since the cover is detachable, just like a pillow cover. You can easily launder your duvet covers, without spoiling the stuffing of the duvet.
Moreover, with a cover to your duvet, you can also prevent it from dust and dirt for a long time. If you are looking for some crazy themes and ideas on making covers for duvets, here we give you the creative edge you need, on how to make those covers.

Tips on How to Make Duvet Covers

Though there are duvet covers available in the market, people usually want a specially designed one that fits your duvet perfectly, and sports your style and taste. Ink down some of the easiest ways to make your own duvet covers.
Material Required:

- Sewing equipment
- Duvet - to measure
- Fabric
- Scissors, thread that matches the fabric
- Measuring tape and a chalk
- Iron
- Zipper or buttons to make the closure for the cover opening
When you select the fabric, make sure that you choose cotton, or cotton and linen fabric, that is easy to wash and maintain. You can play with the designs and select the ones that suit your taste the best.
Also what you can do is choose different fabric for the front cover area and different for the back one. By this, you can use two different designs with one cover. You can buy two similar sheets too if you wish.

How to Sew Duvet Covers

- First, we begin with cutting the sheet of fabric.
- Place the fabric on the floor or on a table, wrong side facing up.
- Now measure the duvet, and make markings on the sheet. Remember to add a few inches extra to the actual length - and width of the duvet, for the cover .
- Cut out the desired fabric, and place it flat on the table or floor neatly.
- With a sewing machine, sew both the sheets of fabric like you would sew a large pillow case.
- Before you sew the hems, you can fold the hem neatly and then iron it for a sharp crease.
- If you do not quite fancy using the sewing machine, you can always get this tailored from a local store that will do the tailoring part for you.
- Next is the closure of the cover. You need to decide what kind of closure you want. Usually there are zipper closures, buttoned closures, and even knot closures that can be tied.
- Fix the closure buttons or zipper at the opening of the cover.
For the top design of the cover, one can choose to make a collage of cloth. You can also get prints for the cover. For the more creative ones, painting the cover or even creating stunning designs out of embroidery, is an option.
What is most important is the texture and feel of the cover. Do not choose fabric that is hard and rough as compared to the duvet inside it. Choose soft covers that complement the duvet and are visually appealing too.
Making a cover for the duvet will be a fun and creative experience for you. There is nothing more than sliding under your favorite duvet, that neatly wraps all your creativity and effort on the duvet cover you designed.