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How to Make a Floor Pillow

Azmin Taraporewala Mar 22, 2020
A floor pillow could be a soft inclusion in your quarters. You could ensemble your rooms with floor pillows that would serve to be virtual furniture piece for one and all. Moreover, making these pillows is a fun family activity.
You have the choice to either relax by resting your head over it, while you read your favorite fiction novel and sipping your brew, or you may simply cuddle this softy, and lie down in peace; you may derive comfort in many dimensions through a floor pillow. Well then, are you tempted to have one for yourself, and your family?
If you are, then you may get one or more for yourself from the market, however, if you have some time at hand and are equipped with a sewing wizardry, you may go ahead and drop your market visiting plan ... for good!
Yes, you may choose to make one on your own, so you may have a homemade product instead of a handpicked one! So, what are we waiting for? Let's begin ...

Making a Floor Pillow

Floor pillows have a plethora of uses, and besides it can be made of fabric that you desire. Fabric that has an upholstery finish, denims or even leather are ideal to make floor pillows.
The idea behind using these material fabrics is their sturdiness and their longevity. Generally, floor pillows could be made rectangular, round or simply square shaped. It could be plain or embellished with laces and ribbons. They may be customized; you may have them as you want the pillows to look.

➭ Fabric
➭ Needle case
➭ Thread of various colors
➭ Velcro/Zipper
➭ Pillow stuffing
Select the Fabric

When you are on a spree of making floor pillows, make sure that the material you pick for the pillow is sturdy and can resist rough handling. If you have children at home, then this condition holds true all the more. Make arrangements and choose a fabric which is thick such as denim or suede. Even leather would do.
Size of the Pillow

If you are making a large floor pillow, you may purchase large polyester pillow forms of either rectangle or square shapes. Measure the size of the pillow form and accordingly cut out the fabric to make the pillow inner cover.
Sew the Pillow Inner Cover

With the pillow inner cover in place with the fabric, you are supposed to stitch only three sides of the cover. You have to leave at least 2 inches between the pillow form and the cover fabric. This is required as you need the stuffing or the pillow form to slide in smoothly.
Place the pillow form inside the inner cover. It is ideal that you sew the fourth side of the pillow to secure all sides of the pillow. Make sure that all the sides of the pillow are of the same measurement. Sew it with a sewing machine or stitch it all by yourself; it's your choice!
Sew/Stitch the Outer Cover

You would like to have a pillow cover that suits your decor and matches your needs completely. When you have to sew or stitch the cover, take into consideration the overall color scheme of your interiors.
If you have beige as your staple color code, make sure that you chose a color that has beige, at least in traces, in the fabric that you purchase for formulating the cover. You can stitch the cover considering the measurements of the pillow inner cover.
You must accordingly leave space for the pillow to slide in safely without any clumping on one side. Repeat the same procedure while you are stitching the pillow cover; stitch only three sides. For the fourth side, you may either affix a Velcro strip or you may stitch a zipper.
Stitch one side of the Velcro strip to the side of the pillow and attach the adhesive side on the opposite side of the pillow outer cover. All you need to do now is to place the pillow inside the pillow outer cover and place it wherever you feel like.
So, wasn't that simple and fun! With these easy, quick and comprehensive steps, you can make a floor pillow with ease. Your guests are bound to get lured by your creativity and ask you for your help, being equally keen to know how you have managed to make these pillow. So, go ahead, display your creative streak!