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How to Make Exquisite Jewelry

Veethi Telang
How to make jewelry at home using a lot of beads? All questions end here. Learn jewelry making that brings out the designer in you!
It feels extraordinarily awesome and proud to wear a unique handmade jewelry piece you've designed yourself, isn't it? We all used to make friendship bracelets for ourselves and friends in high school, every year for Friendship's Day.
The best thing about knowing how to make jewelry is that it saves a lot of money, and gives a sense of uniqueness to everything you wear. After all, your designs and accessories speak of the person you are!

Learning The Art of 'Ornamenting'

Fashion jewelry trends have reached a level that one can wear anything and everything as an adornment.  As weird as it may seem, there are people wearing safety-pins and U-pins as earrings! Well, everyone has different styles of ornamenting themselves. So, if it rings a bell in your mind, even you can learn jewelry making.
There are some easy instructions you can follow in order to design your own jewelry items with the help of crystals, beads, and materials that can be reused. Here are some mind-blowing and extremely effortless examples in a low-budget, some of which may cost you nothing at all.

Beaded Necklace

Beads are the easiest and the most universal substance to make jewelry out of. Once you know the basics, you can make beautiful and distinct beaded necklaces and bracelets in the most creative and innovative manner.
To make a beaded necklace, you just need to assemble beads of different colors, shapes, and sizes. Use a strong thread, or a beading wire, and start creating crazy necklace styles and patterns. Make it long, make it short, make it multi-colored... it's bound to catch the eye!
Beaded Bracelet
This is one of the easiest jewelry to make at home.
A beaded candy colorful bracelet like this one can be made with a elastic wire and lots of colorful beads. Start creating designs with beads in different sequences, and join both the ends by using a hook.
You can also use a heart-shaped bead like the one used here, and place it between the string of beads. These bracelets go with anything and everything, and once you know how to make handmade bracelets, you can wear them with both casual and formal attire.

Button Earrings

Create jewelry with that stuff that is already there in your home.
If you know how to make jewelry from recycled materials, no jewelry-making job is difficult for you. You can create wonderful earrings with these colorful buttons. All you've got to do is get a couple of fish hooks, and buttons, attaching each hook to each button.
You could also use metal loops to link more than one button, or use beads with buttons. Isn't it exciting? Now that you know how to make beaded jewelry, you can use the knack according to your whims and fancies.
Shell Necklace
Many of us like to collect sea-shells while on a holiday to a beach. Guess what!? Now you can use them as an adornment too.
Get a beading wire, a strong fish hook, some pearls, and those beautiful shells you've collected from the beach. String all of them in sequence of your liking, and wear it with beautiful vintage dresses. You can also learn making hemp bracelet with shells in the same manner and wear them. Such jewelry items can be worn as adornments for beach parties.
Crystal Necklace
Crystals are a marvelous option for jewelry as they can be worn as ornaments with almost everything you wear. Strikingly, crystal jewelry is extremely easy to make.
You can assemble crystals of multiple colors. Make sure you use a strong hook in order to link the ends. Other than a necklace, crystals can be used in infinite ways to make earrings and bracelets. You can also use crystals for anklets as they look beautiful with high heels.
Anklets for women come in different designs and patterns, and highlight the beauty of their legs. Crystal jewelry looks extremely elegant and sophisticated, and you don't need to squander money to buy it too.
Gemstone Ring
Gemstone jewelry may be one of the easiest jewelry to make, but is bound to look elegant and chic.
In order to make it, you need a finger metal band, and a heart-shaped gemstone like the one displayed in the photo. Glue the stone onto the band with a special glue for metals, and leave it for some time so that it adheres to the band properly. There you have a beautiful and eye-catching finger-ring made with minimal effort.
Big finger ring is the best to not look overdone.
Just so you know, the most important thing in order to make jewelry is to apply your creativity. Now that you know some easy methods of making jewelry of different designs and patterns, start creating unique but beautiful jewelry adornments which give you an identity, thereby, symbolizing the creative person in you!