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How to Make a Leather Wristband

Making a leather wristband is easy. You can fashion it out from a wristband kit or an old leather belt.
Tulika Nair
When you first think about leather wristbands, you tend to think about rock stars, grunge singers, goth rock stars, but leather wristbands can be a great accessory to wear and not necessarily with the stylistic options mentioned before.
You can easily team a leather wristband with a floral dress or even cutoffs and a tank top. Once you learn to make a leather wristband, you can of course choose to create a different leather accessory for every outfit that you own.
In order to make a leather wristband all you need is a leather wristband kit or an old belt and a few tools to craft the wristband. Here, we give you simple instructions so that you can make a leather wristband for yourself.

Making a Leather Wristband

Most of the raw materials that you need for leather crafting are easily available at home. You will need a few other basic things like leather stamps, dyes, a wooden work surface, a mallet, and a finisher to give the leather wristband a sheen.
You will also need a cutter and a driller to make holes in the leather. In order to make a leather wristband, just follow the simple steps that are given.
● Regardless of whether you are making the wristband using a kit or using an old belt that is lying at home, the first thing that you need to know is take the proper measurements for the wristband.
In order to do this, use a strip of paper and wrap it around your wrist and then make a mark at that point which seems like the most comfortable length for a wristband. Leave space at both sides for the fastener for the wristband.
● Use this strip of paper as a stencil for your leather. Use the dimensions so that you can cut your leather strip accordingly. Place the leather on your work space and use a sharp utility knife to cut it to the exact size.
Make marks on the leather piece to ensure that you know the exact spot for the placement of the fastener. Check whether the wristband fits perfectly by placing it around your wrist.
● In order to make fasteners for the leather wristband, you will need six narrow strands of leather, each about three inches long. Three strands each will be placed on either end and can be used to fasten the wristband by tying them together.
To attach the leather strands to the band, use a drill to punch three holes of about three-fourth diameter each at both ends of the wristband. Then string one leather strand through each hole and tie a knot to secure it to the wristband.
This is the simplest pattern of a wristband that you can create for yourself. If you want your leather wristband to have a more interesting pattern, you can cut the stencil made from paper accordingly and follow the design for the leather.
Using leather stamps is a great way to create designs on the wristband. While working with a leather stamp, you will first need to ensure that the leather is adequately damp. Try to start from the center onwards and ensure that you strike with the mallet with proper force or the impression may not show well otherwise.
Another way to decorate the leather band would be to use rivets or even leather dye to add color to the wristband. Once you have finished working on the leather wristband, always use a finisher and coat the band with the same.
Allow the wristband to dry naturally for a beautiful finish. As you would have learned from this information, learning to make a leather wristband is an extremely easy process. Just follow the simple steps given here and you should be able to explore a whole new avenue of leather crafts creation.