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How to Make a Mini Laptop Sleeve

Mamta Mule
Thinking of buying a new sleeve for your mini laptop? While reasonably-priced options are available online and in stores, wouldn't it be cooler to make one yourself? You'll also save those extra bucks by making a laptop sleeve from scratch. Let's take a look at what you'll need to perform this project.
Making a laptop sleeve for yourself is an experiment worth giving a shot; consider it as a DIY project. It gives you the nudge you need to do things from scratch, especially when they're money-saving alternatives, like cooking at home or sewing your own fancy clothes.
Once you begin, there's no turning back. DYI junkies swear by creating things on their own, where this project will leave you fascinated with how to make stuff from nothing.

How to Make It at Home

Things You'll Need:

  • Patterned/plain fabric (preferably cotton, nylon, leather, or rexine)
  • Cushioning fabric (padding for the insides; optional)
  • Sewing machine
  • Zipper
  • Scissors
  • Thread and needle
  • Measuring tape
  • Decorative additions (buttons, beads, lace, or embroidered strips)


Step 1: Take the measurements of your laptop's width and height, using the measuring tape. Cut the fabric you're going to use by retaining 3 additional inches for the sleeve. This extra fabric is for the laptop to have some breathing room after the sides are stitched, as well as accommodate the cushioning fabric.
Like for 17" laptops, for instance, a yard of 45"-wide-fabric is enough. But remember, the sleeve shouldn't be bigger than the said measurements; it should be a perfect fit in order to act as a safety cover.
Step 2: Place the cushioning fabric against the inner side of the main fabric, sewing the two layers together. Also, sew the padding properly with additional stitch-work, to help it stay put.
Step 3: Then, add the detailing you'd like, sewing it to the fabric in a design you want. If the fabric you've used is good enough on its own, don't pay attention to this step.
Step 4: Fold the fabric in half (but in reverse; inside out) before sewing both sides (use a sewing machine for better results if you aren't familiar with manual sewing).
Step 5: Reverse the fabric to marvel at your handiwork before moving to the final step.
Step 6: Place the zipper along the mouth of the laptop sleeve, sewing it along the opening with the zipper's straight edges tucked inside the sleeve; don't place it over the sleeve or it'll look ghastly.
You can use stronghold glue to stick Velcro strips, instead, but we suggest using a zipper in case the laptop slips out. Because the laptop is small in size, we suggest holding it like a clutch or against your chest, or placing it in your backpack when on the move. In other words, no shoulder straps.