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How to Make an Adorable Personalized Baby Blanket

Mamta Mule Mar 22, 2020
Personalized baby blankets are amongst the best gifts for a newborn. Though you can easily shop for one, why not try making it yourself and add a personal touch to the gift. So, just check out how to make a baby blanket, and also get some ideas on personalizing the same.
Watching a baby sleeping calmly is a treat for your eyes. Tiny nose, cute little lips and the peaceful expression on baby's face, makes you forget everything. You just feel like looking at the baby for hours and hours.
Well, how about contributing a bit to these sweet moments with a handmade warm baby blanket and watching your baby sleeping calmly? Just try following procedure of the same given below and have a very special gift for your baby.

Procedure to Make a Baby Blanket

Materials You will Need

~ Printed fabric (1 yard)
~ Coordinating solid fabric (satin, woolen fabric, fur) (1 yard)
~ Cotton batting (1 yard)
~ Thread ~ Needle
~ Scissors ~ Pins
~ Sewing machine

Choosing the Right Fabric

Choosing the best printed fabric is an important part of this fun project. Choose a fabric with delicate prints, like floral, polka dots, thin stripes, or a plain textured fabric. Opt for pink fabric if it's for a baby girl or go for a blue piece if it is for a baby boy.
There are other options, like abstract prints, geometrical prints, and animal prints available while choosing patterned fabric. Choose a light and cool color, don't opt for a very gaudy shade.

Cut The Fabrics

Cut this printed fabric, cotton batting and solid fabric in equal dimensions. You need to cut each of them into a 29 inches square.

Lay the Pieces

Spread the cotton batting square on a table. Place printed fabric and solid fabric over the cotton batting. You need to place the printed fabric and solid fabric in a way that the right sides of these two are facing each other.

Sewing the Fabric

Now, take the pearl pins and pin the three layers of fabric together from all sides. This will be helpful in holding the layers together while sewing them. Sew the layers together with medium seam.
Remove the pins as you go on sewing. Stitch them ½ inches inside the border. While you finish stitching the layers from all borders, keep a length of 5 inches open. Sever the excess fabric from the corners.

Turn the Fabric

From the gap of 5 inches, pull the fabric out so that you have right sides of both solid and printed fabrics out. Now stitch the 5-inch opening with small seams.
You can fold the two outermost fabrics about one and a half inch inwards and stitch that fold from the top with smallest stitch length setting. Keeping this stitch at the extreme borders will give it a good look. The baby blanket is ready, but it needs some finishing.

Finishing Touch

Sew a border stitch on the blanket. This stitch can be between ¼ inch to 1 inch inwards from the borders. Maintain the same distance in case of each of the border lines.
You can use a simple pattern or any of the decorative stitch patterns available on your sewing machine. This will give a fine and finished look to the blanket. You can further decorate it to enhance its look.

Ideas on Personalized Baby Blankets

Adding a Message

You can do this with embroidery stitches or paints. If you think embroidery is a daunting task, you are wrong. Attempt it and you will surely be surprised with yourself.
Consider embroidering messages like sweet dreams, good night or the baby's initials and birth date. Painting an inspirational quote or a phrase is also a great idea.

Patch Work

You can use fabric patches to beautify the blanket. A fabric in contrast to that of the blanket color, cut in the shape of alphabets, is a perfect piece to be stitched over to form initials. You can also patch the whole set of alphabets randomly. A patch of teddy bear or doll print will make a perfect baby blanket.
Avoid using buttons, strings or removable items over it. These items can cause choking if the child places it in his/her mouth. You can also checkout a few baby blanket patterns to make the piece even more beautiful. Now, I am sure that your imagination and creativity will make a truly unique baby blanket to cherish those precious moments all your life.