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How to Make an Umbrella

Mukta Gaikwad Jul 21, 2020
Monsoons, summers, or spring, every season gives you a reason to use an umbrella. Let your umbrella speak your style, with its colors and design. Here's how to make an umbrella that matches your style quotient.
They descend as tiny drops and then as they grow in millions, they shower relentlessly for hours, washing away everything they come across. That is the power and the beauty of rain.
It colors the sky in gray and makes the Earth dark. Before it brings out the life, it makes visibility blurry. Ironic, but true. The monsoons have arrived and there should be nothing to stop you from dressing up.
A good umbrella can always save a good dress no matter how brutal the weather may get. A harsh monsoon or an unforgiving sun, an umbrella adds to your look and can seriously save the day. Let's take a look at how to make an umbrella at home with various materials.

Plastic Umbrellas

The old plastic covers that were lying untouched in your attic can now come in handy. Cut out a circular piece out of that plastic, big enough to cover your head. With sticks or similar material, give the cut out piece, an umbrella shape.
To hold the umbrella, attach a long rod to the center of your umbrella. To give it the whole monsoon look, you can paint the umbrella in rainbow colors. Et voila! You can have a rainbow anytime you want, even in the midst of a torrential rain.

Cloth Umbrellas

Umbrellas are not only used for the monsoons, put to protect the skin from the radiation of the sun as well. Umbrellas are a much-needed relief in the scorching heat of the sun. This is a good excuse to get the old English style back.
Select the material of your choice and your favorite colors. Again with sticks, give the cloth an umbrella shape. To make it more decorative, you can add a lace, tulle, or frills to it for the English touch. If it is for summers, go in for pastel shades.

Net Umbrellas

The heat in the spring season is not that scorching, but you definitely can make a style statement with those intricate net designs. Buy a net of any color. You'll need a malleable wire. Cut the net to adequate size and weave or stitch a wire to its outer boundary.
The wire will help to hold the net in a stiff position. Once you have the circle, give it an umbrella shape with the wire. To have a fancy handle, you can decorate it with acrylic paints.

Revamp Your Umbrella

If you are too bored to take the efforts of making an umbrella, then revamp the old one. With some acrylic paints, stick-ons and badges, you can make your own fancy umbrella.
Decide a theme for your umbrella; whether you want to keep it retro or metro, is your choice. Flaunt those old badges and bling, that you'd never wear today on your umbrella to make a style statement.
Just as much as umbrellas protect us from rains, they are equally helpful in blocking the sun. Umbrellas are a great rain wear and can look brilliant if you wear it with a little panache.
Paint your umbrellas into pinstripe, polka dots, doodle them, or add a little bling. Don't hesitate to try vibrant colors and designs that catch the eye.
Experiment, excite, and exalt all the way from the summers to the monsoons, right up to spring with these lovely umbrellas!