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How to Paint a Sisal Rug

Naomi Sarah
Painting a sisal rug is a pleasant experience and an addition that would amp any home's look in seconds. Learn how to paint a sisal rug using easy techniques to give you varying designs that you'll instantly love.
Sisal, a naturally occurring fiber is taken from the leaves of agave sisalana, a cactus plant that grows in regions of Brazil and Africa. Sisal fibers are long-lasting in terms of durability and reliability, making it a great material. It is a strong and much-liked option for rugs and house carpets.
It is both decorative and completely organic in its make, with no room for toxicity and static troubles. It can really turn around the look of a home giving it a rustic, yet modern appeal when the sisal carpet's colors are experimented with.
Now sisal carpets can be painted from at home, using simple techniques in changing the way it looks as it adapts to your room's needs. Looking for a way to spruce up a drab hallway or bedroom space?
Try throwing in a sisal rug to complement the colors in your room, while incorporating colors that will match and gently contrast what you already have present in your surrounding area.
Sisal rugs can be bought in any size and shape, with many people opting for its original coloring while later getting experimental with ways on how to include color into it, from at home.
Remember to have all your items on hand for this project, using the best quality of paint and accessories to get the desired end result. Once you successfully transform the look of one sisal carpet, you'll be trying your tricks on others in no time.

Getting Started on Painting a Sisal Rug

As said before, always have your things ready and on hand before venturing into something like this. A lot of people wonder if it is possible to paint a sisal rug, and the answer to that is yes it is. Using the right kind of paint and required materials you'll be working like a pro when you follow these instructions right down to a tee.
List of Items to Buy

✔ Paint roller
✔ Latex paint containers (colors of your choice)
✔ Scotch safe-release painter's masking tape
✔ Ruler for measurements
Sisal Rug Painting Instructions
Measure the ends of the carpet borders to see how thick you'd like your paint width to be. Once you find that desired distance, place masking tape below this area to outline where the paint will slather the rug along this border, as a guide.
You can then apply masking tape in a desired pattern in the center of the rug, making sure to use the ruler to make the right adjustments. If you're going to go the abstract way then you can go crazy with the placements, being careful that they follow a sequence so that the tape is easily removable afterward.
If you'd like to get a little creative, you can look around for stencils that are carpet safe, and use these instead as a guide when painting your sisal rug. Using the paint roller, gently apply the paint to the areas that have been exposed without the masking tape protecting the layer beneath.
Once you finish applying all the paint in two even layers, keep it aside for two hours, making sure it is done in a well ventilated spot. Gently then peel away the masking tape and stand back in awe as you take in your work of art.
You can try different ways of changing up the look of this rug since such a versatile material to work with is always welcome in any household. Don't be afraid to use different colors and shapes to make it a one of a kind creation.
Stencils play a great role in making things easier and getting the job done faster. Don't hesitate to try new things when it comes to adding aesthetically pleasing elements to your home, especially when it comes to decorative floor-work.