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How to Thread a Sewing Machine

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
New to the world of sewing and looking for some easy instructions to thread a sewing machine? So, we will tell you how exactly to do it.
Sewing machines are handed down generations after generations.

Steps for Threading a Sewing Machine

● You need turn the hand wheel towards you and raise the needle to the highest possible position.
● Now raise the presser foot, so that the thread can easily pass through the threading guides. It will also prevent the machine needle from becoming unthreaded while stitching.
● You need to place the spool of thread on the spool holder, which is a part of the machine. If your spool pin runs in the horizontal direction, make sure you secure it with the cap provided.
● Now look for at least one thread guide from the spool holder across the top of the machine.
● Hold the end of the thread and insert it into the thread guide(s) on the top of the machine casing.
● You need to bring the end through the tension assembly on the left side of the machine, which controls the flow of the thread.
● You need to take the thread under the tension assembly and back through the next threading points at the top left of the machine.
● The thread needs to be passed through the two tension discs and the hook that may be attached to the left of the tension dial.
● The thread should be pushed through the lever at the top of the machine and then down through the threading points at the bottom left and then above the needle.
● The needle should be thread from the front or back, the direction depending on the machine type you own.
● You should pull a few inches of the thread through the needle eye and pull the thread towards your left.
● Now, you need to insert a bobbin wound into the machine and close the throat plate. You should pull up a few inches of the bobbin thread and strike it out from under the closed throat plate.
● Hold the thread that has been threaded through the machine needle and rotate the hand wheel towards you. Rotate it till you find the needle disappearing into the bobbin case.
● With the threaded end in your hand, keep rotating the needle till it comes back to its highest position. You will find that the thread from the bobbin comes up as well.
● You should pull the thread out towards your left and draw the bobbin thread further out of the bobbin case.
● You can now begin sewing.
As you see, it is very easy to thread a sewing machine. Many times, the threading points are marked on the machine itself. You may even find a printed threading diagram along with these points. Also, always remember to clean and oil your sewing machine before running it.