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How to Make a Hula Hoop Rug

Sheetal Mandora Mar 15, 2020
Did you know, you can use the hula hoop apart from spending hours twirling it around your waist. You can make hula hoop rugs at home using old t-shirts. Wondering how it's done? Read on...
As kids, we've all played with the hula hoop and if you have kids, you know that this toy hasn't lost its popularity. Now, even though kids love to play with hula hoops, there will come a day when they move onto something more interesting and fun to play with their friends. Then what? You've got hula hoops lying in the attic or garage, catching dust.
You can use old hula hoops that is exciting and entertaining not just for you, but for the kids as well. You can use those hula hoops to make creative rugs.
It's fairly simple. Once you're done making the rugs, you can place them around the house and the kids' rooms. So... would you like to find out how they're made? Keep reading the rest of the information.

Make a Hula Hoop Rug

To prepare the rugs, you will require couple dozen old t-shirts, pair of scissors, ruler, pencil, needle and thread, and a hula hoop (size depends on your choice).
As the main essence of the rugs will be t-shirts, make sure that they are in good condition, their color hasn't faded beyond recognition, and there are no holes in them. We have to weave the t-shirts using the hula hoop and to make the rugs look attractive, make sure you use different colored t-shirts.
  • First of all, the t-shirts need to be washed, dried completely, and then ironed properly. As we will be cutting the t-shirts, it is important that we don't get uneven strips.
  • When the t-shirts are ironed and ready, place one t-shirt on the workstation and use pencil and ruler to mark 1'' wide strips on it.
  • With the scissors, start cutting the t-shirts so that we are left with 1'' loops. Now again, depending on the size of your hula hoop, you need to collect the appropriate size of t-shirts. For example, if you are using a 33'' hoop, then large-sized t-shirts will work well.
  • When you reach till the sleeves, stop and take another t-shirt. To get the 1'' loops, you need to remove the bottom hem from the t-shirt. So cut it off before you begin and then mark the 1'' strips with the ruler.
  • Once you have enough loops, stretch them over the hula hoop. The design would resemble a bicycle wheel (spokes). After placing the loops on the hula hoop, take another loop and secure it right next to the first loop.
  • For making the rug, we need to cut the loop, making it into strips. Begin with the center of the spokes and wrap one strip in a spiral manner.
  • Go over and under the loops, weaving it around to form the rug. Make sure it is tightly binding together and see there are no lumps in the middle.
  • When the first strip ends, thread another color of strip to it. Keep weaving as many strips as you can till the spiral is about 8 inches in diameter.
  • Once this stage is passed, insert the strips for the rug through one loop, then over or under each loop.
  • Push each spiral loop closer to one another because we don't need a lot of space in the middle. Also, this will keep the rug tightly together when we remove it from the hula hoop.
  • Once the rug reaches its desired size, tie the ends with the lower spiral loop. Make sure it is secured properly, or else the rug will come loose.
  • With the scissors, cut the loops (spokes) we had stretched around the hula hoop in the beginning.
  • With each spokes, tie them to the spiral shaped rug from the top. This way, the rug won't become loose overtime.
There you are; your colorful, innovative rug is ready. See how easy that was. You can easily make different sizes of these rugs with various colored t-shirts. And if you liked making this type of rug, then you'll also love how to make braided rugs.