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How to Tie a Lanyard Knot

Amruta Deshpande Mar 15, 2020
Do you want to know how to tie a lanyard knot? Read on to learn the procedure of tying these decorative yet useful knots. These are great fun to make and you can utilize them for various household items.
The lanyard knot, also known as 'diamond knot', is mainly used for knife lanyards and for key rings. Its ability to create a fixed loop in a single strand of rope is responsible for them being so widely used for different purposes. It comes in handy for securing items like keys, beads, whistles, name tags, or any other object.
You can also make bracelets weaving several of them together. Sailors use this to hold a knife around their neck, and that is the reason, it is sometimes referred to as knife knot. Tying them can be quite tricky and you may get totally confused attempting to create one without proper instructions.


Materials needed

  • Paracord or any type of string
  • Pair of scissors


Step 1: Cut the cord or string into two pieces of equal length. You could also use two different colored pieces of strings.

Step 2: Lay one string piece vertically and the other horizontally on top of the first one in such a manner that they form a cross in the middle. They should overlap in the center with even ends on either sides.
Step 3: Take the top end of the vertical string and bring it down to position it on the left side of the bottom loose end to form a loop.

Step 4: Now, pull the left loose end of the horizontal string across, and place it just below the right loose end to form the second loop.
Step 5: Now, you go in the crisscross manner. Pull the bottom vertical end up and over the horizontal strands and place it on top.
Step 6: Similarly, pull the right horizontal end to the left, over the right vertical strand and push it under the left vertical strand to form a box or a square. If you have used two different colors, then the color of the upper right square and the square opposite to it, that is, the lower right square, will be the same.
Step 7: Carefully tighten the knot by pulling all the ends gently together without disturbing their positions and your knot is ready.

Step 8: You can tie one end to a key ring or whatever you want to use it for.
You can use a single string instead of the two colored strings for tying these knots. The single string has to be folded exactly in the center to form a loop. Place the ends in such a way that they overlap each other and then use the same instructions given here.
You will get a lanyard knot with a loop by using a single thread. The size of the loop can be adjusted to suit your needs. This loop can be used for securing items such as a knife, whistle, or a key. This is the simplest type and can be mastered by practice.
However, there are more difficult forms like the double knot. Two loops are formed with this type - a short loop and a longer one, and the ends of the cord are hidden. However, it is difficult and needs proper instructions.
You can weave or braid several of these knots together to make a long lanyard strand used for making key rings or even bracelets.