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How to Latch Hook a Rug

Latch hooking is an easy artwork that you can learn within no time. You can refer to the instructions given here and try to latch hook a beautiful rug.
You latch hook with precut yarns or woolen threads and make knots out of them by using hooks. When you examine a rug made by using a latch hook kit, you will notice the knots at the back of the rug. It is a fun and easy to do craft.
In fact, you can finish a project within an hour or two easily. Provided you follow the correct instructions, you can convert a cheap looking rug into a fabulous custom designed one.

Material Required

  • Latch hook rug kit - Purchase one from any of the craft stores.
  • Latch hook - Select a tool that is comfortable to work with and easy to handle.
  • Scissor - Scissor is used for cutting uneven ends of yarn.
  • Precut yarn - Select the color of yarn as per your personal preferences for color combination.
  • Masking tape - Masking tape is optional, you can use it to cover the knots on the back of the rug to ensure better securing and fastening.


If you are beginner, always start with an easy project. Once you become familiar with the steps and strategy, you can try tough designs. Referring to the description and instructions that are provided with the kit will help you sort out the precut yarn by colors and decide the color combination.

Step # 1

First of all, fold the precut yarn exactly in the middle and around the hook.
Adjust the yarn at the base of the hook, below the swinging latch. Then take hold of the latch hook with your thumb and middle finger, while securing the yarn in place with the help of the index finger.

Step # 2

Insert the latch hook tip through one of the holes and push out the hook directly above the hole. Direct the hook with the help of your right index finger, until the shank of the hook passes the canvas threads. Make sure the yarn does not pass into the hole of the grid.

Step # 3

Hold both the ends of the yarn with the left thumb and index finger. Position it in between the hook and the latch. In this position, the yarn will be above the grid. Ensure that the yarn ends are open and of even length.

Step # 4

Pull the hook instantly towards your direction, so that the latch meets the hook.
At this point, release the yarn ends and pull tightly to create a knot around one thread of canvas.

Step # 5

The final step is to tighten the knot by pulling the two ends of the yarn. With this, you have completed creating one knot. Continue making latch hooks with varied colors to create a design pattern.
Well, these are the basic instructions that you can follow while making a stylish rug. Give it some finishing touches by securing the knots on the back of the rug with the masking tape. Also, trim the uneven threads (if any). These attractive rugs can be used as home decorating items like wall hangings and floor covers.
Make custom designed rugs by using latch hooking artwork and gift them to your friends and relatives on special occasions. You can select a kit with a particular design that will suit the occasion.

 Ningthoujam Sandhyarani

Nykeya Paige