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Melt and Pour Soap Recipes

Mamta Mule
Melt and pour soaps are very easy to make and also very convenient. Here is the procedure of making soaps using the melt and pour soap base.
The method of melt and pour is used to make soaps at home. Prefer a simple base or a clear glycerin base. Opt for the premium range products that are much easy to be processed further. Soap prepared by this method using Goat's milk is costly due to its silky lather which is perfect for dry skin. It is easier to mold, color and add fragrance to this soap

Prepare the Base

Begin by grating the soap base.Now put the grated soap base into a microwave safe bowl and place it in the microwave. Heat this soap base till it melts so that it is set for further process of adding various ingredients.

Add the Ingredients

Add Fragrances

Adding fragrance to the soap base keeps it fresh. A couple of essential oils and fragrances can be chosen to convert a simple soap into an aromatic castile. Add a drop or two according to the quantity and how rich you want the fragrance to be.

Mix Nourishing Ingredients

Next, add the nourishing ingredients like olive oil and almond oil. Stir well as you add these ingredients. Skin friendly ingredients like Shea butter and oatmeal soaps are among the best remedies for your skin.
Once this is done it is time to add color to the soap before it gets into shape. You can  buy pigments or soap-safe dyes available in hobby stores. Stay away from food or candle colors as these will simply stain your skin.
Make it Colorful

Shape it with Molds

Now its time to give this soap a nice shape. You can pour this mixture into a mold of desired shape and leave it for drying. Before you leave it for cooling just spray rubbing alcohol to avoid formation of bubbles.
With this method, you can try various recipes. One of the major benefits is you can customize a soap the way you want, with least efforts. With desired ingredients a lovely piece of soap is ready to be used.