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No-sew Fleece Blanket Instructions

Suketu Mehta Mar 19, 2020
Who doesn't like to snuggle up in a warm, cozy, fleece blanket. But just the thought of making one can leave the best of us dripping in sweat. There are ways of making a blanket which do not require you to even have the basic stitching skills.
During winters, who would not love snuggling under a warm cozy blanket, and keep away the biting cold. The blanket becomes your best buddy as you seldom keep it away. You may also want to make your own blanket at home, but sewing may be a major problem.
The best part is you don't need to know how to sew a blanket. Instead, opt to make a no-sew fleece blanket. The instructions being simple, almost anyone can make them at home. Making them at home is a great family activity wherein everybody is involved and you have a great time together.

Materials Needed

The length of the fleece material depends upon the height of the person for whom you are making the blanket. If it's a toddler, around 1.25 yards of fleece of each type is sufficient. In case of adults, you need 1.5 to 1.75 yards of fleece. The length of fleece given is based on the fact that fleece available in the market is usually 50"-60" wide.

Things You'll Need

  • 1.5 yards of printed fleece
  • 1.5 yards of fleece of a different pattern
  • A pair of sharp scissors
  • A measuring ruler


1. Once you have got both the pieces of fabrics, cut out the unnecessary edges, or seams, from them. Place one of the fabrics completely open and spread out on a flat surface. Now carefully place the second piece on this fabric, ensuring that both their edges and corners are one above the other.
2. You need to use your ruler, or measuring tape to mark out a 5-inch square from each of the 4 corners. Now, cut the marked squares from each of the corners.
3. You now need to make fringes along the edges of the blanket. For this, you need to take your ruler and make markings 1 inch along the edges. Now cut the fleece at all the marked places making 3 to 4 inch long cuts. Ensure that you make cuts on both the pieces of fleece.
4. It's time now to start tying. Take each fringe separately. It will have two pieces of fleece, the bottom fleece and the top fleece. Tie knots on each fringe going all round the blanket from left to right. Tie double knots, so that they don't come off easily.
5. To straighten the knots, pull each edge of the blanket from the corner. Do a quick look along all the edges, to ensure that the knots are properly tied, and also flip the blanket over to have a look. That's your new blanket!

Tips and Tricks

  • To enhance the look and feel of the blanket try two different pieces of fleece. Also experiment with contrast colors, patterns or even different fabrics.
  • While tying the knots, you can tie alternate knots on one side and the remaining knots after flipping the blanket. This will make the knots look prettier and even. You can also experiment with different types of knots.
  • Do not wash the fleece blanket in very hot water. A 30º to 35º C wash is fine.
No-sew fleece blankets are so simple to make, that you can even do it while watching television or talking on the phone. They are also a great gift for various occasions like baby showers, birthdays, or for your loved ones. So the next time you snuggle up on a cold winter evening, make sure you are in your new fleece blanket!