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Ways to Personalize Baby Blankets

Neil Valentine D'Silva Mar 18, 2020
A baby is the most awaited gift for the parents. His comfort and care become their utmost and the only priority in order to nurture him well, and prevent from any kind of discomfort. Blanket is one such thing in the list. Not only does this warm piece sooth and care for his soft skin, but it also gives the baby a sense of affinity.

Know the Types!

The most common types of baby blankets are swaddling blanket, receiving, and baby quilts. The swaddling blanket is used for wrapping around the child, the receiving one is used to cover infants and the newborn babies.
Quilts are generally used as a bedding in the crib or on the floor.
Personalization really makes the gift more valuable than its money's worth. Parents love to cherish gifts personalized in their babies' names for years to come. The child too, would want to keep the gift forever, for memories' sake. For just a few dollars extra, the gift becomes a keepsake item that cannot be easily parted with.
Speaking of baby gifts, baby blankets are quite popular, for the simple reason that every baby needs a blanket. That makes the utility of this gift universal; personalizing it makes it unique. Given are some examples of how you could do it.


Baby blankets can be personalized in a variety of ways. One of the simplest methods is to embroider or monogram the name of the baby on the blanket.
It may later help the child as an association to his/her childhood memories.


A message may be included along with the monogram. For example, the blanket may have the message, ''To darling Karen, on her first birthday. From Uncle Simon and Aunt Trisha''. This makes it unique.
Sometimes, people don't like to put long messages so you may also cut it short. Also, only the name of the baby and one descriptive word could be used. It is not uncommon to find old blankets labeled 'Adorable Kristy', 'Naughty Jean', or 'Little Amanda'.


Cartoon characters are universal baby favorites. Designs like the Disney characters and Hello Kitty are most common.
The people might use the graphic of a baby with a favorite cartoon character and label them like 'Baby Justin and Minnie Mouse', or design the blanket in a particular fashion too.
The cartoons may be used to cover the entire blanket, or merely in one corner. It all depends on the ingenuity of the designers. Apart from the usual characters, you can add any animated character too.

How To Buy a Baby Blanket

There are tons of sites, from where such customized gifts can be purchased. Just select a pattern, personalize it according to your choice and then place your order. You can look for the options already available in the market too.


If you think that these blankets cost too much more than the normal ones, then you are mistaken.
Though a bit costly (sometimes), they add an extra color to your child's happy face and gives you a keepsake, to keep forever as a memory of your baby's childhood.