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Pony Bead Patterns

Saptakee Sengupta Mar 15, 2020
You can use a multiple variety of pony bead patterns for making arts and crafts at home. Read on to know some patterns of the same.
The pony beads were first introduced by Lewis and Clark, who bought them from Europe and popularized in North America. Earlier, glass made beads were used for making moccasins, leather soles, fringes, and decorative pieces for clothing.
Making jewelry with these versatile beads was the hallmark of tribal art of the North Americans. However, the utility of these beads have gained much more importance today. Children employ them to complete their craft projects for making dolls, key chains, hair accessories, etc. Following are some easy patterns that can be made using pony beads:


Making beaded figures is a little tricky, if not impossible. Once you learn the correct process, you will definitely find it interesting. First, decide which character you want to make. For this, you will require a long ribbon and many multicolored beads.
Now, fold the ribbon from the center and attach a lanyard hook to secure it. You have to pass the beads in the shape of the selected figure to add a form to it. Use different colors of beads to add the facial features to the character. The easy to make figures are cartoons, sportsmen, short and tall boys, etc.


This is one of the best patterns that can be experimented with a lot of techniques. The beaded tribal jewelry still maintains equal pace with the conventional accessories.
Some trendy designs include butterfly bracelets, friendship bands, beaded tiara, necklaces, pendants, anklets, etc. The translucent or the colorful crystal faceted pony beads are ideal for this purpose.
A piece of flexible wire is required to make the jewelry. Bend the wire in the desired shape after taking the measurements, and then pass the beads through it. Add a casing at the end so that the beads do not come out. The same technique can be followed for making beaded earrings.

Key Chain

It's better to try out the easy patterns for key chains rather than opting for the complicated ones. The diamond-shaped key chain is not only easy to make, but it also looks attractive.
Purchase a key ring and a craft wire. Fold the wire into half and pass it from the middle of the key ring. Knot one end of the wire and thread the beads. Fold another piece of wire in the same way and attach it to the beaded piece. Bead the wire and knot the free end. The beaded wire attached to the key ring, completes the process of making the key chain.


Apart from these, there are many ways to make different types of crafts and trendy beaded jewelry using these beads. Customized designs can be purchased from online outlets. A few good categories are listed here.
  • Animal bead patterns
  • Holiday bead patterns
  • Valentine's day patterns
  • Halloween bead patterns
  • Christmas patterns
  • School days bead patterns
  • Pony bead hair accessories and bags
  • Beaded shrugs
  • Pony bead shoe decorations
You should be innovative enough to come up with new ideas to create different patterns for your kids. Or else, check out the craft stores and the websites to purchase the toys to gift your children.