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Prayer Shawl Patterns

Rutuja Jathar Mar 5, 2020
Prayer shawls are meant to be gifts of warmth and comfort. They are a means to embrace a loved one with prayers and blessings. Presenting someone a prayer shawl is equivalent to being a friend in need. Here are some patterns of prayer shawls, for you to work on.

Say a Little Prayer

What can you give to someone who is lonely, depressed and in dire need of some kind of healing?

Your company and of course, assurance of your prayers. Prayer is essentially a priceless gift, one that should be given generously. A gift of prayer helps heal and comfort the ailing and calms the distressed.
A prayer shawl is nothing but a means, of directing this prayer and blessed assurance, to a person who needs it the most. It is the thought that matters and it is this thought, that makes all the difference to the one in need.

You can say a prayer shawl is a warm hug from a dear friend, who may not always be in our midst.
It is a kind gesture made to comfort and soothe a weary heart. Let's just say, presenting someone a prayer shawl is equivalent to standing by a person when they are in need. A prayer shawl magically helps heal and reassure the person who desperately needs divine intervention.

Common Methods Used

Selecting a Pattern


  • Cast on stitches in multiples of three - 54, 57, or 60.
  • First row - knit three, purl three, to the end of the row. Turn.
  • Second row - knit three, purl three, to the end of the row. Turn.
  • Knit the purls and purl the knits.


  • Chain 54 stitches or desired width of shawl.
  • Chain 1, turn, single crochet in each of the stitches to end.
  • Chain 3 and turn. Double crochet in top of each single crochet. Repeat this row 2 more times.
  • Chain 1 and do 1 row of single crochet to end. Chain 3 and turn.
  • Do 3 rows of double crochet. Repeat pattern to end (1 row single, 3 rows double).
  • End with 1 row of single. Finish with fringe.

How to Make a Prayer Shawl

It is called a prayer shawl because the yarn is integrated with the prayers of the one making it. The prayers can be anything from a thanksgiving prayer to a healing prayer. Weave the pray into the shawl as you knit the yarn.
A prayer is nothing but an honest intercession for the one who is the recipient of the shawl. Hence, there is no right or wrong way to pray while knitting or weaving the shawl.
While some prefer to pray before beginning the task, others prefer to constantly remember the person, they wish to present the shawl. Either way, it is the thought of the person praying that matters.
All you got to remember is to 'Pray', for healing, for comfort, and for the well-being of the person. By constantly keeping the person in mind, you pour out your love and blessings onto the shawl which eventually, radiates the same warmth to the wearer.
Keep your spirit high for you will be passing on those vibes to the shawl that you are knitting. You can listen to inspirational music or create a prayerful atmosphere with scented candles and incense.
You can present a handmade prayer shawl to just about anyone you wish to bless. It can be a new-born baby or someone recovering from a sickness. As an act of charity, you can even present it to the destitute and those who do not have anyone to call their own. The only idea behind presenting a prayer shawl is to reach out to the people and present them with something that comforts and heals.