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Scrap Gold Recovery

Deeptee A
The process of scrap gold recovery is required to be carried out by experts, although anyone can try it on a small scale, as a hobby to make some quick money. This write-up includes some useful information regarding the process.
Recycling has become important today, due to the increasing demands of the ever-increasing population. Plastic, paper, scrap metal, all are being recycled to save the environment.
Recycling controls the pollution caused to the environment. With metals like steel, iron ore, copper being recycled today, gold is not far behind.
Natural resources are depleting due to their relentless use and this increases the importance of recycling. Precious metal recycling is also gaining importance because people have now realized the benefits of doing so.
The common sources of recovery are dental implants, CPUs, electronic and cell phone boards, waste from goldsmiths, printed circuit boards, and electronic scrap.
Scrap gold recycling is a complicated and technical process and hence is handled by experts. However, small amounts can be recovered by those who are not experts too. Look for the process.
  • Gather enough old computers and cell phones in order to recover a substantial amount of gold.
  • Once you have secured enough electronics, assemble the tools required, like screwdrivers, pliers, etc.
  • Next step is to remove the plastic from the electronic equipment.
  • With the help of a screwdriver, remove all the parts containing the metal, like circuit boards, finger connectors, etc.
  • Locate the metal and scrape it off the electronic device. Ensure that the pieces are not falling inside the electronic device. Collect the pieces in a dish, paper, or a cloth.
  • Next comes the part where you will need to sell this off. How do you do it? You will need to contact several refineries in your locality. Ask them what price do they offer and accept the one that pays you the maximum price.
The plastic and the other waste material that is not gold, can be sent to the respective recycling plants. Isn't this a great recycling idea that saves environment and also gives you some money?
Scrap gold recovery can be a fun hobby, which can make your pockets jingle too. Here is how to recover scrap gold from the CPUs at home.
  • Use a scrapper to scrape off the gold in the CPU.
  • In order to recover the metal quickly, dissolve all the materials in some strong acid, like hydrochloric acid. Unfortunately, you might lose some amount in this process.
  • Connect the CPU to a charger cable of a car battery and put it in an electrolysis bay. Turn on the charger and wait to collect your gold that will form on the electrolysis plate.
  • Try to gather gold by using nitric acid. This will also help purify it.
There are many ways of recovery. Some can be done at home if you have the necessary equipment. This can be a good business to start with. However, it is recommended that you get in touch with experts before you start your own business.
You will need the complete knowledge of the equipment required, the processes involved, the ways to purify the metal obtained, and the price at which the purchasers will buy it.
Experts say that there are companies who have researched a lot in this area. According to them, scrap gold recovery is not as easy as scrap metal recycling. It causes certain environmental issues because of the acids used in the recycling process. However, you can try it at home with simple methods mentioned here, on a small scale.