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Creative Seed Bead Patterns

Aparna Jadhav Mar 17, 2020
Making use of seed bead patterns is a beautiful and easy way of creating innovative jewelry. It is a simple craft exercise which can be taught to kids as well as adults. Take a look at a few ideas and learn how they are made.
Seed beads are very tiny beads, which can be used in many projects as a number of things. They come in lovely colors and are very fancy to look at. Another of their applications is to use them in making jewelry and other objects like coasters and key chains.
There are many designs which you can either come up with, or refer somewhere to make these wonderful home decor and jewelry objects.
Since the beads come in a variety of colors and sizes, they can be used to make elegant and ethnic items. Use beading on absolutely anything like designs on handbags, wall hangings, decorative cups, bracelets, mugs, earrings, necklaces, headbands, etc.


Seed bead bracelets are often used as stylish accessories over western and traditional outfits in many cultures. These bracelets and other jewelry designs look very attractive in vibrant colors, and elegant designs.
Now, find out how to make these lovely bracelets in a few steps, and you can be a better designer

1. Prepare a design for your bracelet on a paper with the colors of beads you would like to have in your bracelet.

2. Collect the various types of beads, and make sure they are different either in shape and size or in colors.
3. Cut a beading thread in a desired length. It can either be a single string or a double string. Tie it in a knot on one end

4. Since the beads always have holes in them, they can be passed through the thread. Pick out each one and gently stitch them through the thread.
5. Once you complete the desired design, tie a knot on the loose end, and make the thread a bit elongated so that you can put the adjustable chain and hook for the bracelet.


Using similar patterns, you can make matching necklaces as well as chokers. Chokers of these beads look stylish and trendy as well as go with any colored outfit you wish to wear. More than authentic silver and gold jewelry, a number of women prefer to wear these beaded accessories as they are colored and look great.
1. Like the bracelet, prepare a design for your choker with the desired colors and patterns. Purchase the beads, and decide if you want a single-layered or a multi-layered choker

2. Cut the thread in the desired lengths, and if you want more than one layer, cut about three threads of the same length.
3. Tie all of them in one knot from one of their ends, and make sure the other end is loose in order to weave the beads inside.

4. Then one by one, keep stitching the beads in the threads according to the patterns that you have chosen for your choker. Once you're done doing that, tie a common knot to the other loose end of the choker.
5. The length of this choker should be almost equal to the circumference of your neck, since it has to be tight. Now, tie the adjustable chain and hook to the loose threads to complete the choker, and once it's done, wear it and check if it fits.


Earrings are also one of the most essential accessories with an outfit. There are many designs, which you can follow to make these earrings. You can make them circular, water droplet, rectangular, diamond-shaped, etc.
Whatever shape you want your earring to be, you can make it like the bracelets.

1. Take a tiny piece of thread, and cut it in the desired length. Make sure you have a design for your earrings already as that will be more helpful while making the earrings.
2. Pick out the colored beads, and weave them through the thread in the desired patterns. Do not tie one end of the threads, as the beads have to be in the center.

3. If you want the earrings to be triangular or any other shape, once you weave the beads inside tie a knot to turn the corners of the shape.
4. Once all the knots are made and the beads are stitched in the pattern, tie both the loose ends together in one knot. Paste the earring hook through its base over the knot so that the earring looks upside down and dangles from the ear. Let the paste dry and then try them on.
With these creative seed bead jewelry patterns, you won't need to buy matching accessories from a store. All you have to do is get the beads, start making the jewelry, and have fun wearing it!