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Beautiful T-shirt Quilt Patterns

Azmin Taraporewala Mar 19, 2020
T-shirt quilt? Even better, T-shirt Quilt Pattern? Words playing gibberish with your gray cells? Not anymore. If you believe in the concept of recycling, here is your chance to prove it. How to make a T-shirt quilt will be an endeavor worth your thread.
Do you know what 'q' stands for? Which word strikes your mind when you think 'q'? Q being an abbreviated, onomatopoeic version of the word 'Que'? If you do, then your vocabulary is on the verge of extension. Q is now new! (rhyme not intended) Q, now stands for quilting.
Quilting is a raw yet upcoming stream that has a lot of suitors. Quilters are interested in making t-shirt quilts to stretch their creative chords and employ waste management techniques.
Easy patterns are effected to make quilts that ride on economy, comfort and class.We have a tendency to collect whatever is in sight and store it.
Let those t-shirts lie stagnating on the wardrobe shelves, isn't it! Majority of us refuse to discard old clothes that ask for a merciful salvation. We cannot fit into that tee anymore . . . still we prefer to preserve it as a prized-possession! 
However, quilters have an essential use for these under-sized t-shirts. You could take these t-shirts and make a homemade quilt. There are certain tee's that make for priceless mementos. How about preserving these mementos for a lifetime? Well, you could now! Keep reading to find out how.

How to Make a T-shirt Quilt

The following section is furnished with T-shirt quilt instructions to aid you in creating a master piece of your own. Here we go with the step-by-step technique of how to make a T-shirt quilt.
1. The first step is decide the size of the quilt. You need to be certain how large a quilt you would like to create. Would you like to create a cozy lap quilt or a full-sized bed quilt is the question you need to ask yourself before you begin with the procedure.
2. Wash the t-shirts that you have sorted, in order to use them. Slice them from the seams and remember to keep the logos and symbols on the t-shirt safe. Inclusion of logos will make the quilt appear authentic and very 'you'! It should reflect, rather, be you.

3. Now separate the t-shirts in accordance to their size and the size of the image on the t-shirt.
4. The t-shirt with the largest image must be placed first and a 2 to 2.5 inch border should be added, thereby creating a quilt frame. The frame would serve to be the decision maker for the sizes of other quilts that need to be accommodated on the quilt and giving you a fair idea of how many quilt frames would fit atop the quilt.
5. Using a piece of cardboard and cutting it according to the measurements of the quilt frames, you would have achieved a banner style to cut your t-shirts.

6. A woven type or a non woven type that is non-stretchy interfacing should be applied to the borders of the fabric to cease curling. The interface is used to make the tee non-stretchy while sewing.
7. Now is the time for the final layout. Place the square pieces on the table to view how the quilt would look.

8. Each quilt square should be stitched to the adjoining one, thereby forming rows. Now put the rows together, stitch them up and add a border of cotton or non-stretch fleece.
9. For greater durability, sew a cotton blend material on the back side. If you have shirts in bulk you could use them as well to make the backside of the quilt.

10. A batting made of polyester will serve the purpose. If you want to leave out the batting process, you may do so.
11. Provide the final touch by tying the quilt, you may also pin it up for a better hold of edges. Your t-shirt quilting is done.

Easy Patterns

Here are some easy and free t-shirt quilt patterns for beginners that could be employed by you to make your quilting experience filled with fun and frolic.
● The simplest layout, to start with is the grid pattern, where you could attach rows of four and add sashaying or borders to the quilt.
● If you have t-shirts or clothes of babies, little tops and tee's could be used for the purpose of sashaying or making a border of the quilt. Now that is what we mean when we say waste management.
● To make an impressive quilt border, you could use jeans material, or cut up a denim skirt that has pleats and arrange it on the border, shirts of different fabrics to decorate the quilt and give it a personality that screams 'you'.
● You could make a cozy pillow size quilt by varying the quilt size. With an added border you could give the pillow a dimension of its own, making it look larger.
●  Making a lap size quilt is an easy t-shirt quilt pattern. You could use logos from the t-shirts and attach them with blocks that match the color scheme of the t-shirt logo. You could add corners to the logo, by attaching it to a blank, plain fabric followed by attaching the squares together.
●  Another quilt pattern is creating a single or a double bed quilt. Employ t-shirts that have large prints or images, stitching them together and adding sashaying and borders to make the quilt.
●  Create a queen or king size quilt for a huge bed. You could stitch it up with colorful squares intermittently and add a splash of style and persona to the quilt. The quilt must have a royal design, rather an image that delivers a feeling of grandeur.
●  You could also make a quilt for your kid by cutting the t-shirts in different shapes. If your kid is a football freak, you could chop off his old team tee's in the shape of a ball and preferably make a quilt pillow. A baby quilt would be an adorable piece for keeps too.
●  Another lovable pattern would be to make a small quilt and have it used by your kitty, as its bedding. You may also have your kitty's bedding peripheries wrapped with a quilt skirt to keep her warm and cozy.
●  What about making a bed skirt with your very own homespun t-shirt quilt for your own fluffy haven too? To keep those investigative eyes from scrutinizing the 'valuables' you have dumped beneath your bed, a t-shirt quilt skirt would jolly well serve the purpose.
Your t-shirt quilt patterns are ready to personify you and your style quotient. Quilting is an art, and remember, the environment would bless you for the waste management technique you have applied! So, quilt on...