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Tie Dye Hoodies

Tulika Nair
If you want to make a style statement of a laid-back kind, opt to wear hoodies that have been tie-dyed. Here, we tell you how to color your hoodies and sweatshirts, in this style, with ease.
The hippie movement of the late 1960s stood out for several different things, prime amongst them ideals like freedom, equality, and concepts like wanderlust. There was also a huge contribution that the movement made to the culture and lifestyle of the world.
The most important of the lifestyle remnants of the hippie movement is the unique and beautiful fabric-printing design known as tie dye. If you are a closet hippie or just like to dress up bohemian from time to time, then you will definitely have at least one tie dye clothing item in your wardrobe.
If you do not, then one of the hippest items to possess as of today are hoodies. If you look at the concept in a slight philosophical manner, you will see that it is an amalgamation of modern fashion with old techniques and ideals.

The Process of Tie Dyeing

If you are familiar with tie dye, then you would know that the design on the cloth is determined by a few factors like the method in which you tie the clothing, and the pattern in which you apply the dye to the cloth. Since it is a printing that is done by hand, every design is unique which is what makes the hoodies stand out.
The process of tie dyeing is so easy, that you can always experiment with different patterns at home to create a design that suits your aesthetic sensibilities. If you are new to the art, remember to use bright and vivid colors which are a differentiating factor.
●  Wash the sweatshirt in lukewarm water and rinse it thoroughly. Avoid the use of chemicals or softeners in any form. Dry the sweatshirt.
● Decide on a specific pattern, and then bunch the hoodie according to the design and tie it with thick rubber bands. Twist and tie the sections that you are making properly.

● Next prepare the dye. Follow the instructions that are given on the packet of dye carefully.
● Submerge the hoodie in the dye. If you are using different colors to make a specific pattern, then remember to let the first color dry, before you dip it in the second color.
●  Once it has absorbed the color you want it to, rinse it under cool water to allow the excess water to run off, and then put it up to dry.
●  Let it dry for at least a day and then wash it in lukewarm water.
There are many different designs that you can use on your hoodies, from peace signs to spirals, and even stripes. Use a pattern that appeals to you. If you have just started out with the process of tie-dyeing, stick to basic designs and once you are more familiar with the art form, you can experiment more.
Wearing hoodies that have been personalized in such a manner is not only a fashionable statement to make but also a practical one. Not only is a person wearing such a sweatshirt hard to ignore, but he is also in some ways making a proclamation of his ideologies and beliefs.