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New Tie Dye Patterns to Try

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Feb 11, 2020
Tie dye technique is used to dye natural fabrics. But did you know there are many tie dye patterns to try from!
Tie dye is an interesting technique to recolor and recreate your simple fabric into a colorful, intriguing pattern. Tie and dye works for cotton fabrics and silk the best. Tie dye is used to color bed sheets, t-shirts, scarfs, blouses, shirts and pants. You can try different folding techniques related to tie dye to give new life to your old t-shirts.

Basic Requirements for Tie and Dye

1. You will need:
2. Fabric dye
3. Squeeze bottles
4. White cotton shirt
5. Rubber bands
6. Latex gloves
7. Large bucket
8. Plastic bags

Tie and Dye Technique

Take the white cotton shirt and dip it in a water bucket containing half cup salt. Dip the fabric in the mixture for 10 minutes. Wring out the fabric to remove excess water and dry the shirt. Use this wrinkled shirt for tie dye patterns.

Tie Dye Designs

Spiral Tie Dye Pattern

Take your wrinkled white shirt and place it face down.

Smoothing out the wrinkles, pick a spot that you want to be the center of your spiral.
Pick the shirt from that spot and start swirling the material to form a swirl roll.

Turn the fabric like a knob to achieve this roll.

Hold the fabric between your thumb and forefinger and pull the loose ends in the roll with your other hand.

Pull the ends in the same direction of the roll.

Use 3 rubber bands to tie the tight roll together.
Tie the rubber bands in a crisscross pattern and like a pinwheel.

An adult shirt will have 6 diagonal sections to color.

You can use different colors for each section.

Concentric Circles Tie Dye Patterns

Place the crumpled shirt face down.

Pull the shirt up from the center and tie it with rubber bands.
The width of the rubber bands will decide the width of your circles.

Color the circles with one color or change colors between rubber bands.

Marble Tie and Dye Patterns

Take your white t-shirt and crumple it into a bundle. Randomly tie rubber bands around the t-shirt in a crisscross pattern. Dip the crumpled t-shirt in the dye bath.

V Shape Tie Dye Patterns

Shapes Tie Dye Patterns

Texture Tie Dye Patterns

Floral Shape Tie Dye Patterns

Crinkles Tie Dye Patterns

Basic Tie and Dye Steps

You need to first decide the colors you are going to use for dyeing your fabric. It can either be monochromatic or you can go in for two or more shapes. If using more than one color, always dye the cloth with the lightest shade first, followed by darker shades.
Now, make sure your colors match. This means you need to follow the color wheel and place primary colors or secondary colors next to each other. Wherever they run in together, they will form a third beautiful color shade. For example, red and yellow running together will form orange.
You will now have to get your dye bath ready. This means wear your gloves and dissolve 1 packet or required amount of powder or liquid dye in 2-3 gallons of hot water. If the water is not very hot, your colors will not be as vibrant as needed. If you want brighter color shades or darker shades on your cloth, use more dye than you would normally use.
Now, take the cloth and immerse it into the hot water dye bath for at least 5 to 8 minutes. Take a long wooden stick, preferably, and stir the bath occasionally. Remove the cloth after the cloth is slightly darker in shade than the shade you desire.
Now, remove the cloth and rinse it in cool water. Then, place it in another dye bath containing a darker color shade. Continue in this fashion, till you finish up all your color shades desired on your cloth.
Once done, rinse in cool water till the water runs clear. Then, cut the threads used to tie the cloth. Take a mild detergent and wash your cloth and rinse again in cool water. Squeeze out the excess water very gently and hang to dry.

Your dyed fabric will appear absolutely vibrant and gorgeous to wear or use.

Dyeing the Fabrics

For dyeing the t-shirt, choose the colors for your dye. You can use 2-3 colors for dyeing your t-shirts. Take the plastic bags and lay them on the floor or table to protect the surface from accidental spilling of the dye.
Wear your latex gloves and hold the shirt in the bucket containing hot water. Add the dye and roll the shirt over in the bucket. Take care not to overlap the dyes over the banded sections. Do not place the t-shirt in the bottom of the bucket as the excessive dye may spread to other parts of the fabric.
Place the t-shirt in a plastic bag after dyeing it. Keep the t-shirt in the plastic bag for 3-4 days. After 4 days, rinse the fabric with salt water. Remove the rubber bands from the fabric. Rinse the t-shirt till the water runs almost clear. Dry the t-shirt on a hanger. The color will fade as the shirt dries off.

Alternative Tie Dye Method

Most of the time, tie dye is carried out by dunking the shirt or fabric in a bucket of colored water. However, there is another tie dye method for coloring your fabrics. You need to lay a plastic sheet over a table or area where you wish to dye your fabric.
Wear rubber gloves and add water to the dye powder or liquid. Mix well and put this color mixture in a spray bottle. Lay the fabric or t-shirt you wish to dye. Spray the color over the garment according to the areas that you need to add a particular color.
Allow it to dry and your tie and dye pattern is ready.

For example, take a white t-shirt and lay it flat (front side up) on the plastic sheet. Now, fill the spray bottle with a color dye. Start spraying from the t-shirt from the bottom half first.
Continue spraying till you have covered 1/4th of the shirt in color from bottom. Take another spray bottle filled with a color of your choice.

Continue spraying till you reach half of the t-shirt. Stop and fill the spray bottle with another color and continue spraying. This way you will be able to make bands of colors on your t-shirt.
You can even use two colors or multiple colors of your choice.

If you wish to try a spiral pattern, tie the t-shirt accordingly. Then, spray the color on the fabric with respect to the color combination and design you have in mind. Once you have sprayed, allow it to dry. Untie the shirt. You can even spray in between the colorless bands.
These were some popular tie and dye methods. You can choose from many tie dye patterns available online or use your imagination for tie and dye ideas. These designs look great on bed sheets and scarfs. Test your creativity and come up with unique tie and dye designs and patterns for your clothes that will surely become a head-turner.