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Tie Dye Patterns for Kids

Puja Lalwani
Take a look at these easy tie dye patterns that kids can make, that will keep them creatively occupied, and help them use their imagination to create some exclusive patterns for themselves.
Engaging kids in these activities is fun and enables them to unleash their creativity. There are some simple tie dye patterns for kids.
The mere experience of tie dyeing, and giving them a free hand for new patterns should be encouraged. Keep them engaged with this enjoyable activity, and allow them to create their own masterpieces, with step-by-step instructions on the process of tie dyeing, and different patterns to get them started.

Easy Tie Dye Instructions

If kids are engaging in tie dyeing themselves, this should be done in the presence of an adult. Of course, you will be doing most of the work more or less, but the involvement of your little one will make the entire process a wonderful experience for both of you. Take a look at the steps that tell you how to tie dye a shirt.
  • Always use a 100% cotton white t-shirt for the tie dye process, as the results in terms of colors and patterns are most effective and prominent on such a material.
  • Wear rubber gloves, and ensure that your child is also wearing a pair, as the dye can be harsh on the skin, especially that of a child's.
  • Choose bright fabric dyes to ensure the vividness of the entire tie dye patterns. These patterns look best only when created with bright color combinations. This dye will be available in any departmental store, with instructions on how to prepare them.
  • Prepare the various dye colors in different buckets. Create the patterns that have been mentioned here, and soak the t-shirt in the dye for a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes, so that it absorbs the color thoroughly.
  • Now remove the t-shirt from the dye and rinse it under cold running water, till the water runs clear.
  • Wring out the excess water, and slowly remove the rubber bands or threads you have used to reveal the unique creation you and your little one have created together.

Easy Tie Dye Ideas

When working with your little one, always be around to guide her/him, and monitor the entire process. Allow her/him to take an initiative and come up with her/his own tie dye ideas. Resort to the tie dye patterns mentioned here to start with.

Random Bunches

One of the easiest tie dye designs that kids can enjoy making, simply because it is random. All they have to do is tie up the t-shirt in random spots to create an interesting and novel pattern.
Holding up a particular spot on a finger, ask them to start tying around the finger, either with a rubber band or a strong thread, in random places. Once the entire t-shirt has been tied, go ahead with the dyeing process.
Every t-shirt you create using this style will have unique tie dye patterns, so you can have the little ones create their own variations throughout. You can also create floral patterns with this method.

Striped Patterns

This is one method of easy tie dye for kids. Lay out a t-shirt on a flat surface, and fold the sleeves inwards. Have your little one pleat the t-shirt from the bottom upwards, like you would when making a paper fan.
Follow this process until the entire t-shirt has been folded. Now guide the child to tie the t-shirt horizontally every one inch, or at any distance to create a random pattern. Proceed with the dyeing process, and notice the formation of horizontal stripes on the t-shirt.
For vertical stripes, simply pleat the t-shirt from left to right or vice versa. For diagonal stripes, follow the same pleating process from the bottom left corner of the t-shirt towards the top right edge, without folding the sleeves inwards.

Swirl Patterns

Have your little one pick up a fork, and place it at the center of the t-shirt. Now have it twisted around at the center.
Continue doing so till the entire t-shirt is wrapped up into a circle. Use 4 to 6 rubber bands across the t-shirt to secure this pattern. Go ahead with the tie dye process, and see the smile on your little one's face with the outcome.

Marble Patterns

For marble patterns, pick out a particular spot on the t-shirt to make this tie dye pattern look more interesting. A suitable option could be towards the shoulder, or any lower corner.
Simply use the techniques mentioned in the random bunches pattern. However, here, ensure that you have your little one use a thin but strong thread, and that the area you tie is not too thick. This will create a clear, thin line giving the t-shirt a marble pattern appearance. Bunch up the entire area in the same manner, and proceed with the tie dye process.
Create different combinations of these patterns, and have a great time. A lot of people throw tie dye parties, that can keep the little ones engaged on a fun summer morning. Introduce this creative activity, and inspire them to become their own designers!