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Types of Yarn for Your Next Project

Amruta Joshi
1. Animal Fiber Yarn
In this type, yarn is created from animals like, cashmere, angora, silk,
Cashmere fiber is made from cashmere goat and it is very popular type of wool in the world.
This type of fiber is made from angora rabbit. It is very soft type of yarn.
Silk fiber is made from silk mulberry silkworm and which is widely used type of yarn.
2. Plant Fiber Yarn
This type of yarn is made from plants like cotton, bamboo and hemp.
It is very common around the world for making clothes.
In this type, yarn is created from bamboo plant and it has antibacterial properties.
This is natural fiber type and used for making sweaters and fisherman coats.
3. Synthetic Fibers Yarns
This type of yarn is man made and it includes acrylic, rayon yarns.
Acrylic yarn is made from polymer and used for many types of cloth making.
This type of yarn is known for its durability and softness.