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Web Stories: The Best Way to Recap Events in 2020

Recap memorable events of the going year in a fascinating new format, Web Stories.
Manali Oak
If you are in the field of online publishing, you may be thinking of writing an article about the events of 2020 to recap the year going by.
You may have compiled some photos or videos of last year's events and started writing about them.
Read further before you continue writing, for here, we tell you about an immersive content format that can give you more readership.
The format we are referring to, is Web Stories also known as AMP Stories, which is backed by Google's AMP technology and is soon to be the future of the Internet.
Web Stories have already started featuring in a dedicated section on Google's 1st page.
This format has the ux of social media stories and the reach of the open web.
Web Stories are fast-loading, visually engaging, mobile-focused and user-first.
They are search engine-friendly, which means they are indexed by search engines and thus, can be searched for and can rank on the web.
They do have the user engagement of social media stories but they are not confined to social media platforms. They can be found on the web.
So, grab the opportunity to reach billions of online users, that too by presenting your content in a mesmerizing format.
How you ask? Just sign up with Visual Stories, select a category you like and post your Stories.
If you prefer to write on your own website, you can start a Web Stories blog on a subdomain of your website without affecting its existing structure.
Here's How
Creating Web Stories in Visual Stories categories or on your own website; decide what's best for you and get started.
To create Stories, you get access to the Visual Story Builder, a feature-rich, WYSIWYG Web Story creation tool and a media library of music and millions of images that can be added in your Stories for free.
You can also upload your own videos and images in your Stories.
While everyone equates 2020 with the coronavirus, you might have had some memories that can create positivity. Write Stories about them and spread some cheer.
For example, while the lockdown phase was frustrating for many, some found beautiful ways to spend this time. Write Stories about such experiences or observations.
Apart from writing about the Covid-19 pandemic, you could write about other noteworthy incidents that took place in 2020. Recap the year how it was for you or for the world.
Send your readers down memory lane or let them reflect on how the time bygone has been. All this, through an immersive Web Story.
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