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Where to Buy Beeswax

Rutuja Jathar
If you have decided to make those beautiful, scented candles at home, you also need to know where to buy beeswax from. Read more for some tips.
Beeswax is commercially used for making many products like cosmetics, skin care products, candles, shoe polish, wood polish, furniture polish, pharmaceutical products, food additives and food glazing agents. If you intend to make various fascinating goods like these, then you need to know from where to buy beeswax.

Vital Information

Beeswax is secreted by worker honeybees to construct honeycomb. Young bees secrete 'scales', which are small droplets of wax. Interestingly, a bee needs to consume at least 8- 10 lbs of food to produce 1 lb of wax. Fresh wax is white in color that soon gets converted into darker shades of yellow.
As wax grows older, it keeps getting darker. It then gets coated by wax bloom, a whitish material that naturally grows on pure product is used in candles for the attractive appearance of the candles. So, you need to understand that the original product is never white in color and if you come across any, be sure it is treated with bleach or pressure treated.

Where to Buy?

If you want to buy beeswax locally, you have plenty of sources available for you. It is available in blocks, sheets, and small or large pellets. The first option is to contact the local beekeeping resources. There must be a few local beekeepers with small or large-scale beekeeping industry as well. Beekeepers sell this in the form of pellets and sheets.
You can purchase it from local beekeepers at surprising rates and without any shipping or transporting charges. Buying it locally is also a great way to support your local beekeepers with money. Another reason why you should search for local beekeepers is because there are chances that the one you buy is fresh and not treated with any preservatives.
Check for advertisements in local newspapers, local yellow pages or simply surf on Google and find out good beekeepers in your locality. You will definitely come across a website of beekeepers association in your area. If you do not find any, just buy it online from Amazon or eBay or some other online stores.
Along with blocks, pellets and sheets, you can also buy it in bulk, if you want to start any business, like candle making or making furniture polish at home, which are based on this product. You can get it for as low as USD 5. Keep in mind that prices of candles, furniture polish, and other goods containing it will always be higher than plain product.
Interestingly, you can also try making candles at home with the help of some easy instructions. Along with the candles and furniture polish, you can make lip balm, skin lotion and ointments for arthritis. Well, now that you know where and how to buy this wonderful product, you will surely spend your free time in making some really interesting things! Enjoy!