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Best Knives for Whittling

Whittling knives are available in most tool stores and are sold in sets as well as single pieces. The knives used for whittling differ in shape, size, and purpose, and thus chosen carefully.
Bhakti Satalkar
The art of carving out raw wood into different shapes is known as whittling. Different knives are used for this process. Normally, whittling knives are light in weight and have small blades. They are often the size of a pocket knife. There are some people who make use of pocket knives for whittling as well.
Unlike pocket knives, whittling knives have thicker handles and fixed blades. A thicker handle makes it easier to grip the knife for longer and allows greater control and precision over the blade. People often confuse whittling with wood carving.
While, wood carving requires the use of different types of equipment such as chisels, mallet, and gouges; only knives are used in whittling. If you wish to take up whittling as a hobby, you will need to know which knives are suitable for beginners.
During your search, you will come across a few whittle sets that offer 5-12 knives with different blades. Do not become overwhelmed by the sight of these sets and instead choose a user-friendly beginner's knife for yourself.

Best Whittling Knives

R. Murphy Co. 1 ½" Whittling Knife

R. Murphy Co. is known for manufacturing whittling knives for more than 100 years. These knives are made from the finest quality of steel.
The right combination of advanced manufacturing techniques along with old-fashioned craftsmanship goes into the process of making these knives. This particular knife has a 1 ½" long blade which is made of uniformly hardened and tempered high-carbon steel. The straight edge on this knife is apt for whittling.

Stanley® Whittling Craft Knife Blade

This knife blade is made of hardened steel and is 2 3/8 inches long. Since the blade can be used for whittling as well as for trimming and shearing different materials, it is a good option for those who wish to practice on softer wood or a bar of soap.

Sheffield Made Whittling Knife

While the handle of this knife is made of real rosewood, its blade is made of polished carbon steel. The thickness of this blade is 60 mm. This knife can be used for whittling as well as for wood carving and other crafts. The disadvantage of this knife is that it does not come with a sheath.

Hand Carving and Whittling Knife

There are several brands that sell whittling knives with 17 gauge blades. These blades come with slim wooden handles which provide better balance for carving and whittling. Although the knife may look small, it is very strong. You can either opt for a long or short blade.
As mentioned previously, there are several whittling knife sets available in the market. The knives in the set have different edges which provide varying levels of precision and maneuverability. The right whittling knife is the one which fits perfectly in the palm of the hand, so make sure the knife you choose fits perfectly and feels comfortable to hold.