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How to Make Woven Bracelets

Puja Lalwani Jul 22, 2020
Making woven bracelets is an interesting, pocket-friendly hobby for children and adults alike. Learn how to make them here, and master this beautiful art.

Among the different types of handmade bracelets, friendship bracelets are the most popular. They are of different kinds, of which woven bracelets are one of the easiest to make on your own.
With the variety of colors of threads and beads available, and other woven bracelet patterns, you can create a wide variety for yourself and even use them as personalized gifts.

Steps to Make Woven Bracelets

Take a look at this step-by-step guide on how to make a striped woven bracelets. To make this bracelet, you will require embroidery thread of 4 different colors, a tape measure, some tape, and a pair of scissors

1. Select embroidery thread of 4 different and contrasting colors. This is to avoid a mix up while weaving the bracelet.
2. Cut each string to a length of about 30 inches. 4 inches will be used to tie all the strings together to make a tail.
3. Tape this tail to a flat surface, such as a table, with the strings hanging loose from the edge of the table. Number each string from the first to the fourth.
4. Take string 1 and wrap it over and then under string 2, and knot it tightly after pulling it up. Make another knot around string 2 in a similar manner with string 1.
5. Use string 1 to repeat the previous step with string 3, making a tight knot in each repetition. The same process is to be repeated with string 4. String 1 will now become string 4 as it reaches the end of the line of threads.
6. Repeat these steps till you have completed the desired length of the bracelet with tightly pulled double knots. Tie up the loose strings after attaining the length, and cut any excess strings to match the length of the other tail.
You can introduce a variety by using several different colors, increasing the number of strings used, or just use similar shades to create a beautiful shaded woven bracelet.

Steps to Make Leather Woven Bracelets for Men

Who said the art of bracelet making has to be restricted only to girls? Even men can make their own bracelets and make it a part of their own style statement. To make a woven bracelet for men with leather, you will require a 16-inch piece of wood, 2 large nails, a small button (2-holed), and 1 mm and 2 mm wide leather strings.
1. In the 16-inch piece of wood, fix the 2 large nails (half way through), at a distance of 12 inches from each other to begin making the bracelet.
2. From the 1 mm wide leather string, cut a length of 24 inches. Take the small button, and run the string through the button holes. Ensure that you achieve an equal length of the string after passing it through the button hole.
3. Knot the two loose ends of the string together. Now slip one end of the string over the first nail on the piece of wood, and the other end of the string on the other nail.
4. From the 2 mm wide leather string, cut out a length of 48 inches, and tie a knot in the middle of the string. Attach this knot to the top nail, and take a piece of this string to the right and under, and then above the 1 mm string that is already attached to the nails, making a knot.
5. Take the other string on the left of the nail, and take it above, and then under the 1 mm string that is attached to the nails, and tie a knot. Both these strings will now be woven over each other. Pull them tight to tie them together.
6. Continue this process until you achieve the desired length of the bracelet. Remove the strings from the nail and tie a knot at the loose ends, and cut of any excess strings.
Not only is making your own woven bracelets a fun activity, it also makes a wonderful personalized gift. With all these interesting woven bracelet ideas, you can make your own to match your wardrobe, gift them, and perhaps, even sell them to people who are looking for such personalized gifts.